Businesses obtain vehicles primarily for personnel and product transportation services. Some use them as marketing tools by covering them with car wraps reflecting the business’s identity. The method is both quite effective and affordable and can increase your sales and improve your reputation no matter the size of the company you run. Check out these tips for effective business vehicle branding:

  1. Be consistent

Design consistency across all your business vehicles is crucial. People should be able to tell that two or more vehicles are related and belong to the same business just by looking at them. It doesn’t matter if there is no make and model consistency in your brand; design consistency is enough to make up for those dissimilarities. All you need to do is find design experts such as McNamara Signs to help create vehicle wraps for the various vehicle types and sizes in your fleet.

  1. Don’t include too much information

Vehicle branding is different from office branding in that vehicles are always on the go, and onlookers don’t get much time to see the details of whatever is printed on them. For this reason, you need to include as little detail in your car wraps as possible. Take only the essential elements of your branding visuals, such as the logo. You can also include the business motto; just don’t put in too much textual content.

  1. Cover as much of the vehicle’s body as possible

Assume the car’s body is a billboard or banner that needs to be utilized to the fullest. Involve a designer in determining how to make use of the various surfaces of your vehicle. The rule of thumb is to have the main visuals cover the largest and most noticeable surfaces, which happen to be the sides for most vehicles. It is also vital to avoid running a message or visual element across the side over to the vehicle bonnet or from the back to the sides, as this can create confusion.

  1. Don’t overlook your budget

If you are operating on a budget, ensure the vehicle wraps you buy do not compromise it. Large-scale, detailed, and intricate designs cost more than smaller ones covering select vehicle surfaces. A full wrap improves visibility, but it might cause you to cross your budget frame. Don’t force it. Instead, obtain partial wraps or use decal and lettering. As long as there is consistency, the message will eventually reach your target audience.

  1. Don’t shy away from displaying promos

If you just introduced something into your line of products or services, vehicle wraps provide the perfect place to pass this information. The sudden design change will grab the attention and curiosity of onlookers who might want to know more about that product or offer that warranted a place on your vehicle wraps. This can be costly, but if it offers a decent return on investment, then go for it!


Follow these tips to get the most out of your business vehicles from a marketing standpoint. Involve your accountant and marketing team and conduct proper market research before developing and implementing a vehicle branding strategy.



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