If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident, you probably have a hundred thoughts course through your mind. Your situation can be even more stressful if you’re suffering from injuries, property damages, or the death of someone you cared about.

In any case, you might have the grounds to pursue financial compensation for these types of damages. However, if you want your case to be successful, you’ll need a competent car accident attorney to represent your claim.

But how can you find the best car accident lawyer? Is there a way to wade through all of your options?

You’re in luck, that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about. Keep reading for the complete guide that makes choosing a car accident attorney simple.

Ask to Get a Free Case Evaluation

Most personal injury attorneys (to include car accident lawyers) provide free case evaluations to people like you. This is a way of getting their foot in the door with potential clients.

However, this provides you with the opportunity to learn more about your case. A car accident attorney can answer questions and address your concerns during your initial consultation.

Most legal professionals will be incredibly straightforward. If they don’t believe you have grounds to file a successful lawsuit, they’ll let you know from the beginning.

Just as importantly, a free case evaluation gives you a chance to assess your rapport with prospective attorneys. You can use this time to determine whether or not they will be a good fit for you. Do they seem respectful and genuinely invested in your case?

Ask About Lawyer Fees and Legal Expenses

Next, understand that filing a lawsuit can be expensive. There are a lot of legal fees surrounding a car accident case.

Fortunately, most car accident attorneys charge something called a contingent fee. Essentially, they will represent you and your claim, but will only get paid if the case is successful. You and the car accident lawyer will agree to a percentage of your winnings which they will be rewarded if you win.

However, different lawyers have different rates and different fees. Find out what percent they charge their clients. Additionally, ask if there are any expenses that fall outside of their contingent fee.

The best car accident lawyers are completely upfront about their rates and how they charge.

Ask About Experience and Expertise

Most personal injury claims never make it to court. In most cases, a settlement is reached during the discovery process. Here, your lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer will exchange evidence to assess the validity of your claim, as well as the value of the damages for which you seek compensation.

As such, you should look for an experienced and knowledgeable car accident attorney with expertise in car accident cases. They can help you get the compensation you deserve for your physical, mental, and financial damages.

Find out how long the attorney has been practicing law. Additionally, how long have they specialized in car accidents and personal injuries? Read more here about local accident lawyers who can adequately represent your case.

Find Client Reviews

One of the best ways to gauge a service provider’s credibility is through client reviews and testimonials. Whether you’re shopping for a new car or looking for the best car accident lawyer, you can find the information you need based on the experience of past customers and clients.

Find local accident attorneys using Google and follow the link to each of their websites. Here, you should be able to find a page dedicated to client reviews and testimonials. You can also find these pages on their social media profiles.

Alternatively, return to Google and search for the specific lawyer or law firm in question and “reviews.” What do other car accident victims have to say about their legal services? Were they happy with the results of their case?

Additionally, did the lawyer spring any hidden fees on the plaintiff once everything was said and done? Can you see any recurring complaints or issues?

Ask About Case Results

The best car accident lawyer understands the importance of case litigation. It is the process in which they defend or enforce your rights. For example, making sure you get the compensation you’re entitled to based on your injuries, emotional trauma, lost wages, financial losses, etc.

To verify a lawyer’s competency, ask to see their case results. They should be willing to provide you with the data you’re looking for. You can see what percentage of their car accident cases they win, as well as the average settlement amount.

You should also look at cases that ended up going to trial. It’s one thing to win a settlement, and another to win a full-blown court case.

Assess Their Personality

While a lawyer doesn’t have to be friendly to help you win a case, it doesn’t hurt to have a legal professional with whom you get along. Earlier, we talked about assessing your rapport with prospective car accident attorneys. Let’s dig a little deeper into this subject.

Pursuing a car accident settlement can be incredibly stressful. Aside from your injuries, time off work, and financial losses, you also need to think about your future and how you will be affected by the incident. This is a heavy burden to bear.

Therefore, it helps to work with an attorney who is friendly, uplifting, and courteous. After all, if you’re paying someone to be on your team, they should act like it.

Don’t hire an attorney who seems impatient or annoyed when you ask questions. They’re the expert, not you. As such, it’s their job to answer questions and address concerns.

If the car accident attorney constantly interrupts you, talks over you, or blows off your calls, he or she is not the right attorney. The best car accident attorney should mitigate your stress, not add to it.

Need a Good Car Accident Attorney?

If you’re looking for a car accident attorney you can trust with your claim, use our guide to thoroughly vet your options. We’re sorry you’re going through this. We know how stressful car accident cases can be and would love to see you come out on the other side thriving.

And if you’re looking for more personal, professional, or legal tips, stick around for a while. Read through some of our other blog articles to find more valuable insight. Our website was created to provide our readers with the information they need to succeed.


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