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We have been designing liveries and racewraps for the past 6 years and have worked in a variety of Motorsport series internationally. We also now work with a selection of hand picked designers with vast livery design experience between them. A racewrap is more than just putting your sponsors brand on the side of your car, it is your image as a driver, it is how you will be seen when racing and it needs to draw attention to both you and your sponsors. There have been many attempts to push the boundaries of a livery as a way of being totally unique, although this is certainly not a bad idea, a well designed and creative approach can serve you far better. By using a professional livery designer, someone who regularly designs purely for the Motorsport industry, you know that you can get a design that will be effective. Many Vinyl Wrapping companies are used for race liveries, some are great, but some keep it simple and play it safe. This really goes against the grain for a racing driver...push to the limits at all times. You image and brand should be no different, starting with your livery.

A livery design is also not just for your race car, it also continues into team trucks and kit, design serves also available through 3Dom Wraps.

See below for more on Livery Design, our background and how we think Motorsport Sponsorship & Livery Design will develop together in the future. We also have blogs on Livery Design:

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Working with 3Dom Wraps and our designers, will not only ensure you the best livery design possible for you, but we will also develop the design in 3D and provide you with stunning visuals for your sponsorship presentations of your car, bike, truck, race suit and many more. To see more about this process, take a look at our Sponsorship Apps

Once your design is done, you can then use 3Dom Wraps to get a quote from a local vinyl wrapper and booking your race vehicle in for its wrap.

Who is it for?

Well our livery design services are best suited for both professional and enthusiast racing drivers and race teams.

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Vinyl Wrapping

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Now you have your Livery Design sorted, it's time to sort out where to get your wrap done. We have a database of the best vinyl wrappers internationally, for you to make the most of. You can get a quote and book directly through 3Dom Wraps.

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All of our apps are subscription based, with the option for custom uses by getting in touch. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, no longer term contracts to keep to, but we believe our tools will become a key part of your racing season. 3Dom Wraps are here to help, so if you need help or you wish us to set you up and get you started please visit our Work with us page

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Race Livery Design

Having the best livery on the market can literally make the difference in the very competitive world of motorsports, and because of that you need to make sure that you get the proper livery created specifically for you, as this is crucial to say the least.Only with the help of a professional livery service are you bound to fully obtain the results that you need, and this is where our company comes to help you. We have been created racewraps as well as liveries for more than 6 years now and we are ready to share that experience with you and create some of the best liveries you have ever seen on the market. Our liveries are showcased in international events all over the world, so if you need great liveries that will dominate the competition and make you and your motorsport team stand out, then we are the right choice.

Now we are also working with numerous hand picked designers that have an immaculate vision when it comes to motorsports, and with them we will help you achieve those necessary results you want so much. Liveries need to be an extension of the driver, they need to provide you with a great way to showcase the driver, while also making place for the sponsors to add their branding efforts. With the help of a professional livery design service, you are bound to obtain astounding results. We know that because we have been active for years in this field of work and already witnessed the efficiency that professional livery design has on the market.

Most of the time, normal vinyl wrap services are used for liveries, but this is not professional & not efficient, and that is why using only the best materials and designing the best liveries is the core of having good results.You need to remember that a livery design is not all about a single race car, but it’s also added on the team trucks, their kits, servers and just about anything related to the motorsports team. This is why livery design is so important on the market, and that is how crucial it is to get it right the first time.With this in mind, our service will bring you a great livery design that is not only professional, but also catchy and suitable for the eye. We have a great set of designers that are awaiting challenges you might pose in front of them.

Our designers create liveries in 3D if you want, and they can bring you all those much-needed visuals that you want to obtain from us. With our liveries, your motorsports team is bound to stand out and gain the attention it needs. Don’t hesitate, and contact us right away to get the best, most professional livery design.

Race Livery Design - with 3Dom Wraps

At 3Dom Wraps we believe that a race livery design is more than just a collection of sponsor logos and decals. As a team, the livery design is a key part of your branding, utilising your colours and corporate image. What we find surprising, is how many liveries throughout Motorsport in 2014, were quite simple, safe and really lacking in creativity. It cold be said that Motorsport is about to go through a transitional period, with sponsorship lacking and more emphasis needed in digital and social media markets to pull the sport into the 21st century.

Our designs will - Be creative

3Dom Wraps livery designs are always creative, a simple racing stripe is not going to help the team or driver stand out. We like to work with the team to get a true understanding of the teams ambitions and brand, whilst focusing on key sponsors or potential sponsors that can be incorporated into the livery design concept, not just stuck on top.

Our designs will - Stand out

On a big grid over the race weekend, you need your vehicle to stand out or you will be lost among the rest of the field. There are no advantages to being simple and blending in, but there are massive advantages to being the car that gets noticed and offers something engaging or catches the eye. Your sponsors will appreciate the efforts and investment in a valuable livery design.

Our designs will - Give unique exposure for Sponsors

Sponsors are harder to come by than ever before and to bring them back to the sport 3Dom Wraps are focused on encouraging change, from digital & social media to driver PR & livery design. Sponsors have been seen as decals on race cars for many years and they are a huge part of modern day Motorsport, but it's time to explore other approaches. The sponsors and their service, identity & products must feature alongside the brand. Billboard advertising is not just a logo, neither are TV adverts, they are advertising a brand product or service.

Our designs will - Be different

Why would a team want to look similar to another team? This will not attract sponsors or offer your sponsors the exposure they have been promised. 

Experiment with new technology

3Dom Wraps is exploring new technologies in wrapping and materials to bring a new method of on car advertising and livery design. We will be blogging about new opportunities we are exploring. #MakeItStick

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