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Car window tinting is, without a doubt, one of the biggest things that people will go for these days in terms of automotive fashion statements. They look cool and they have a rather unique nature to them – what’s not to like? Car window tinting makes it easier for you to get a bit of privacy when driving. Many people are not too comfy with what they find when they are out on the roads, mainly people staring at them constantly from other vehicles. Removing this curiosity complex, that can be quite unnerving, is a very useful trait of having tinted car windows, allowing you to drive around with a bit more privacy and confidence than you may have been previously.

Thanks to new film technologies, other areas of the vehicle can also now be tinted, providing even more styling options for those interested in window tinting. Your Headlight tinting and Brakelight tinting are fast becoming popular customisation options. 

At 3Dom Wraps, our suppliers provide the kind of quality and easy car window tinting that you might be looking for, with our simple methods of getting a quote making the process even better for everyone. Our teams of independent experts, local to you, will deliver a service that takes no time at all, ensuring that you vehicle can be altered and transformed in no time at all.

If you are interested in this kind of service and want to totally alter the look and feel of your vehicle using the latest car window tinting film, then you can look to window tinting services through 3Dom Wraps. We can deliver the whole thing in no time at all, ensuring that it becomes so much easier to manage yourself moving forward and to make sure that you are getting the kind of support and help that you need from skilled car window tinting service providers. Our site and our knowledge will be vital in helping you get the right style of window tinting, picking something your happy with.

Car window tinting is a smart bonus to have in your vehicle that adds style, privacy and value – use our window tinting price calculator to find out how much it could cost you!



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Car Window tinting film is used in various applications from car window tinting to store and shop fronts. Choose from our selection of automotive tinting services or simply submit a single quote request to get multiple quotes from local suppliers.

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One of the most popular automotive aftermarket choices for is car window tinting. There are a host of benefits to be found with window tinting, from the added privacy, to the added security, to the cooler cabin due to the reflection of UV Rays an the overall styling improvements.

Window Tinting

Car window tinting is an automotive service that is growing all the time and adds a subtle, but unique touch to your car, van or any other vehicle. The technology has advanced so much now that it can help protect your windows from chips too, and the tint is available in a number of shades, so you can go for limo black tint, or a lighter finish.

Tinted windows look cool and they look important, simple as that. You only see them on high end vehicles such as a Maybach, a Rolls Royce or a Range Rover, along with the occasional boy racer that doesn’t want the world to see the shame on his face from driving a ruined Vauxhall Corsa. However, if they hadn’t added that horrendous body kit and just detailed and personalised their car in other ways, it would look 100 times better.

Those that have their car windows tinted professionally all agree that it helps smarten up the overall image of the vehicle, and makes it look sleeker. A dark tint on any window peeks the interest of the public as they want to see who is driving or what is inside, so if you have just had an awesome graphic vinyl wrap installed and you want to draw even more attention and interest to it, go one step further and tint your windows as well!

Car window tinting is just another great way to personalise your vehicle to make it stand out from the crowd in an easy, inexpensive way and you can even now tint your headlights and brakelights. It helps keep the car cooler as it helps reflect away UV Rays, it adds extra privacy to the cabin, but it doesn’t ruin the look of your car as some modifications can.

If you know exactly what you want, you can take advantage of our network of approved, certified installers in your area. Through this network, we'll supply you with free quotes from up to 3 professional window tint installers, and when booking through our system, you automatically qualify for 10% off the total cost of the work carried out on your vehicle.

It's completely free to request quotes and you are under no obligation to buy until you book in with an installer. If you require any other vehicle services please check out our services pages. If you would like any more information please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

For more information on window tinting, along with the pro’s and con’s it offers, be sure to check out our Car Window Tinting blog.

Many of the window tinting experts that we have available in our directory provide a mobile window tinting service, meaning you can get your vehicle windows tinted whilst at work or home. There’s no need for you to run around trying out different services for both the car and your property – we can help you find both with ease. We only work with experts that can legitimately help you out, so you can trust all of the sources we provide you with.

How Can Tinted Windows Help?

Decrease heat

Car Window Tinting films can reduce heat in the car by rejecting up to 63% of solar energy when compared to standard automotive glass. This will improve comfort within the car and reduces the amount of air conditioning needed, particularly on warm days. Not only will the car feel far more neutral when you step in, but if you use this for a store or a home you can save the room from becoming too warm. This is an excellent way to keep the sun out of your face and out of the room, allowing everything to stay nice and calm.

Reduces Glare

Although this might not be something that immediately springs to mind when considering window tinting, it can actually be a great aid when trying to reduce glare from the sun and headlights at night. These are both potentially dangerous scenarios when driving. If you find those mornings when the sun is bouncing off the road a bit hard to deal with, you can give yourself much greater comfort this way.

Protects from UV rays

No more trucker arm with effective window tinting, UV's can be reduced by 99%, making your car a safe place from the sun. This will also protect your interior surfaces and fabrics from fading, caused by direct sunlight. Additionally, with skin safety more important than ever these days it can be a useful way to keep yourself away from excess sun exposure.

Safety & Security

Having a film of protection on your vehicle glass will actually help add a safety element if involved in a road traffic collision by preventing shards of glass flying into the vehicle. It can also make your possessions less obvious to any potential smash and grab criminality. These windows are reinforced and would take a significant force to put them through – you can rely on both the quality of the glass, as well as how sturdy it is.

Appearance: Well quite frankly, it looks fantastic! Tinted windows add a much more mysterious and adult look to anything, and this can be the catalyst that you need to really make yourself stand out. By the same token, it can help you maintain your privacy – people will be looking in, but they won’t be able to see much!

Headlight tinting is a relatively new process but we absolutely love the results we are seeing. Why not consider adding that meaner look to your car with headlight tinting, especially if you already have a dark coloured vehicle.

Window & Headlight Tinting - with Race by Design

Race by Design are a UK based industry leading expert in 3M automotive vinyl, from Paint Protection to car wrapping and window tinting. For window tinting they stock a wide range of high quality window films with different levels of light shading, from 30% light tinting to 5% black out style tints for use on rear windows. Their films offer the ultimate in privacy and style.

Race by Design also offer light tinting films and services for your headlights and tail lights. As an official supplier of Covex headlight and tail light film, they can transform the look of your vehicle, car or motorbike. The Covex film is fully MOT compatible, being a perforated material that allows 80% of light through.

If you would like a quote from Race by Design, please use our form above if you are in the South East of England or Contact Us.


Headlight Smoke Tint - Boss Dog

Smoke Headlight Tint


Smoked Tail light Tint, BMW 1 Series - Boss Dog

Smoked Tail light Tint, BMW 1 Series


Perforated Headlight Tint - Kent Window Tinting

Perforated Headlight tint.jpg

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