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Our computer generated automotive service prices calculator is programmed to give a price estimate based on your location, vehicle, service type and service provider requirements.


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Agency & Fleet requests also accepted.

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Use our automotive service prices quoting system and you can request a quote through 3Dom Wraps and we will distribute your request to the best service providers in your local area.


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Agency & Fleet requests also accepted.

Request a quote & select the relevant options when prompted.

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What option should I use?

This depends on your requirements. If you are looking to find out the sort of prices that are involved for a particular automotive service, but are not yet ready to speak with a professional service provider, then our calculator is the best place for you. You can also use our calculator to get an estimate before progressing with a professional quotation if you wish.

If you are ready to speak with the best service providers in your area, we suggest you submit a quote request and we will contact companies on your behalf.

How does the price calculator generate a price?

We have developed our price calculator over the past 12 months to be as accurate as possible in providing guide prices. Although it may never be perfect, it does give car owners the chance to know the sort of prices involved without taking up the valuable time of a service professional.

Each price is created using automotive data, location data and service information that the user provides to us. The system then calculates ‘ball park’ figures.


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