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Car Detailing Products

Clean, shiny and with a great smell. Detailing is more than just car washing

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Car Detailing Products

New to our automotive product range comes a wide collection of car detailing products from some of the biggest and best car care brands on the market. If you are looking for the best products to use on your vehicles, then our wide range is the perfect place to start.

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Car detailing products, for the love of it

Cleaning your car used to be considered a chore, and for many it is still is, but there is a select group of car lovers who have propelled the car detailing industry to new heights. Never have there been so many car detailing products on the market to choose from and currently there are more professional car detailers around there world than there have ever been before. Car cleaning simply isn’t that any more, it is now skill, an art and a lifestyle for some and cleaning your car has become a joy, a statement, making your car a fashion statement beyond its make and model.

Car detailing products have gone through a shift over the past decade, once owned by collection of major brands, it has now opened up into an almost indie scene of quality, innovative and well branded products taking over the market. It is hard to keep up with the latest product offerings and brands hitting the shelves, which is where we come in as a source of the best around.

Detailing, not cleaning

For those in the know, car detailing is not just cleaning! The skills of the best detailers and the functions of the best products allow for complete vehicle transformation and protection. From the removal of swirls and machine polishing to a mirror finish, to ceramic coatings and paint protection film, if you want your car to look better than new, yes better than new, then detailing is for you.

Explore our range of detailing products and let us know if you want us to stock any new brands to help with your weekend car detailing session.

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With many top detailing products available, browse our extensive catalogue by brand.

  • 3M
  • Britemax
  • Croftgate
  • OCD Finish
  • Wo-Wo

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Find the perfect detailing product for the job by exploring our products by range, whether you need an interior detailer or a kit as a gift, you will find what you need from these categories.

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