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BMW E92 M3, Gloss Vehicle vinyl Wrap Black

Car wrapping doesn’t come any better than out of the SS Customs shop. This beast of an M3 looks unbelievable, with some great photography to boot. If you are in California and you are in need of vinyl wrapping, you know where to go.

Work by SS Customs

BMW X6 Matte Car Wrapping Black

The X6 is a monster at the best of times, with a matte black car wrap, it becomes something quite scary. There are some great highlights spreading over the vast body panels too, it just has the right look to it.

Work by Pro Vinyl

Pink BMW 7 Series, Matte Metallic Vinyl Car Wraps

A low sun shot never fails in automotive photography does it. But we are looking at this unique vinyl wrap, which is matte metallic in pink. You do not see this sort of thing everyday. Look at the soft highlights showing off the subtle curves of this 7 series. Car wrapping done right by Phenomenal Vinyl, the name says it all.

Work by Phenomenal Vinyl

Black BMW 6 Series Satin Car Wrap

Satin is really becoming a favourite of ours whilst going through these vinyl types. The light just spreads that bit smoother than the matte car wrap finishes and can even show of some sharper highlights at times. The 6 series is a rather nice machine and it just suits it.

Work by Wrapping Cars

BMW 7 Series Pearl Vehicle Wrapping

Pearl is so unique, the way it has the subtle metallic look to it while also providing a satin type finish which softens out those reflections. This vehicle wrap is a bit of a treat on a 7 series it has to be said. Top stuff from ReStyleIt.

Work by ReStyleit

Black BMW 3 Series Carbon Fibre Car Wrap

We have grabbed these photos to really show the effect of a carbon car wrap and you can instantly see why this was worth doing. Where can you see this type of finish on a car outside of super cars? Just amazing, the light has a stunning effect in the first image, it is adding texture to your bodywork with a car wrap. From a bit further back, you can see the overall finish looks similar to a matte or satin finish, but its the detail that sets this apart as one of the most exciting car wrapping materials around.

Work by Wrap Kings

Gold BMW X6 Chrome Car Wrapping

Gold chrome, this looks like it belongs to an Arabian prince who cruises around the desert cities. For all we know it does. As a car wrap, it has an awesome finish, with chrome also notoriously difficult to wrap with. Vinyl wrapping done right by Wrapping Cars.

BMW 1 Series, Brushed Car Wrap Blue

Saved the best to last? Well the 1 series is not thought of as the pinnacle, but this little beauty is giving the bad boy machines above a run for their money. What is going on with this car wrap? Well this is a brushed finish, like brushed steel. You can’t paint your car this way, this is vinyl wrapping to the extreme and it’s fantastic. Too much for some, yes and maybe it is a bit much, but it is pushing the boundaries and just look at the reflections and highlights. Great stuff.

Work by Wrap Workz

BMW Car Wrapping

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BMW has been busy surprising us with new great models or updated versions every few years. Regardless of the model or the year you bought your BMW, be sure that we will offer the best possible option for your BMW model. Get a price estimation of the ideal wrap that you want to get for your BMW and you will be surprised. We will always recommend the best professionals based on your budget and preferences. Try it for free now!

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Latest price for Vinyl Wrapping on a BMW 5 SERIES – Full Wrap from £4500.00 to £6480.00

Sunday, June 2, 2019 – 09:20

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Latest price for Vinyl Wrapping on a BMW 4 SERIES – Full Wrap from £2333.33 to £3360.00

Saturday, June 1, 2019 – 17:45

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Latest price for Vinyl Wrapping on a BMW 1 SERIES – Full Wrap from £3000.00 to £4320.00

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 – 18:09

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019 – 10:37

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Latest price for Paint Protection Film on a BMW X5Full Wrap from £1625.67 to £2340.96

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Sunday, November 19, 2017 – 13:13

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