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    I bought a ventureshield kit for my old F800 but I have just moved to a new R1200 and I see 3dom wraps now only do Xpel film. Is this considered a better film or were they no longer allowed to sell it? There are more options here than other sites and I was happy with my last kit, just not sure if things are now different?

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    Xpel is genuinely on par with Ventureshield, it is even preferred by the professional installers we work with. We actually had to stop working with Ventureshield as 3M began to limit how much film suppliers could use on a monthly basis, meaning we couldn’t fulfil orders. You will not be disappointed with Xpel. All our R1200 kits can be found here – https://georgetownvw.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/why-does-my-tdi-cooling-fan-run-after-shutting-the-engine-off/


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