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Vehicle detailing service types

Vehicle detailing is the pinnacle of car care. The process of paint correction is a highly skilled service while paint protection detailing techniques help your vehicle hold its value.

Top detailers around the world can correct your paint to 95% perfection with a hydrophobic gloss shine that has to be seen to be believed, often utilising advanced nano technologies to seal it all in. Exterior, interior, wheels, engine bay and even under carriage can all be restored and protected as detailers and customer strive for a perfect car finish.

Understand the best of detailing processes

Our network of approved vehicle detailers carry out world class car care on any vehicle they are presented with, making assessments of what is needed, what budget the client has and needs and what the result should be. We explore the processes they may go through for your car, so you can request a vehicle detailing quote with experts in your area and understand more of what is involved.

Snow Foam/Shampoo

Unlike your average supermarket car wash, who jump straight in scrubbing your expensive paintwork with contaminated sponges, car detailers have perfected the process of lifting and removing dirt from any vehicle without causing lasting damage to the paint. Advanced cleaning products, usually foam applied with a lance, are used to break dirt down and prepare the paintwork for further treatment.

Clay Bar

Clay bar detailing products are used to remove the unseen dirt from your car, motorbike or van, often called paint contamination, which will noticeably smooth the surface and allow a much deeper shine. It is not until a clay bar is used that you really notice the dirt that still exists on your paint. The paint will even feel smooth to the touch in comparison to untreated paint areas. It is essential to carry out any clay bar processes properly so leave it to your detailing professional.

Machine Polishing

Machine polishing is often referred to in stages, ie a stage 1 polish, which does what it says on the tin and is the amount of stages carried out. Each pass with a machine polisher will take the paint correction further, with a multistage machine polish capable of correcting paintwork to 95% perfection. This is a highly skilled process and should not be attempted as part of DIY vehicle care without proper guidance.


With all of the deep cleaning polishing taken care of, the process of bringing a high gloss finish and paint protection is carried out by using high end waxes and/or sealants such as nano technology and ceramic coatings. These products, when professionally applied, will bring extreme shine to your paint whilst solidifying as hard as concrete to add a barrier between the elements and your paint.

Engine bay detailing

Your engine bay is most likely the last place you consider cleaning on your average Sunday morning car cleaning session but even under the bonnet can benefit from professional cleaning and treatment processes that will help protect the car and help hold its value. This is ideal for high end vehicles and super cars where any additional depreciation is definitely not wanted.

Interior Detail

Automotive detailing is usually thought of as mostly paint correction and protection services, which is not far wrong, but we must remember that we spend the most time inside our vehicles as apposed to just looking at them (well, some of us do…) so an interior detail is a beautiful thing to have done. The process will deep clean every surface and return that new car feeling.

Alloy Wheel Clean

Your alloy wheels are an expensive part of your car and are also a major part of the styling, clean wheels always look better. Detailers are able to deep clean your wheels and make them look as good as new as well as applying some advanced protection techniques, similar to those used on your paintwork.  This will keep your wheels looking great for longer and prevent dirt from clinging to the surface.

Plastic/Tyre Dressing

The process of dressing is restoring the deep finish of interior and exterior trim and tyres. Faded and dis-coloured trim can soon diminish the look of a vehicle and using quality products and processes to restore this a highly effective part of your automotive detailing service.

Detailing for vehicles - Processes & DIY

Many of us are keen car care enthusiasts and as a result it makes sense to learn the best techniques for looking after our vehicles. We have many great articles on our blog to help anyone keep their car looking great all year round and ensure that they are using the most effective and safest techniques.

Headlight Tinting

Headlight tinting is a definite styling decision, with little functionality impact other than slightly dimming your lights. It makes the front of the car look more aggressive and works great with dark coloured vehicles.

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Headlight Restoration

Brake light tinting is similar to the headlight tinting, done in the same way by applying film to the inside of the light glass and brings a more aggressive feel to the car.

Learn More

Still have some questions around detailing?

If you need more details before requesting a quote for detailing, take a look at our vehicle detailing FAQs’s below.

In most cases detailers will work with their customers to get the ideal service for them depending on the condition of their car and their budget requirements. We have outlined the main 3 packages that detailers offer, which is by no means the only way of getting your car detailed.

Each professional service provider will have their own way of working that best suits them and their existing clients, so be sure to discuss your needs with them directly when requesting a quote through 3Dom Wraps.

It is always best to arrive with your vehicle already emptied so you can store your belongings in a safe place. This is simply because it will be easier to clean an empty vehicle and no detailer wants to have your precious belongings as their responsibility when they should be focusing on delivering the best possible service on your car itself. if in doubt, always speak with your service provider.

Car washes have bad reputations among car detailers and car enthusiasts and in many cases this is completely valid. We are not saying all car washes are unable to perform a safe car cleaning service, but many just do not carry out best practice, especially when it comes to cleaning your paintwork. If you are unable to afford a quality detailing service, it is best to research the car wash or mobile car wash at length before risking your valuable paintwork as the cost to repair, through a detailer, will by fair outweigh the cost of getting your car cleaned right the first time.

It really depends on the package you go for and the service you are looking to have carried out. Most detailers will offer a standard car cleaning service or maintenance clean, which will be far cheaper than such services as a Enhancement detail or Paint correction detail, but also far safer than a bog standard car wash you may find at your local supermarket. These will last longer than a normal clean due to the processes carried out and the products that are used.

For the more advanced packages, most will last 12 months and should be regularly looked after with a maintenance clean from your detailer.

Paint correction is really to restore your paintwork rather than to repair it. It is unlikely that deep scratches and paint chips are something that your detailer will deal with directly, although many will have trusted partners that can carry out such work for you prior to carrying out their own detailing services. Beware though that any paint repairs may mean a lengthy wait of a few weeks before a detailer can begin their usual tasks.

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