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Detailing is an essential part of high end car care and no supercar should be treated to a weekend car wash! Supercar or not, our cars are our pride and joy and knowing they are in safe hands getting the best care and attention, is important for us all. Car detailing is the process of cleaning, waxing, shampooing, cleansing, sealing, conditioning, paint correction, restoring and paint protecting all areas of a vehicle, depending on what you require. We feature only the best detailers, who in turn use only the best products and equipment and are experienced with the highest end cars available. 

Think of detailing as rejuvenating your paintwork and then protecting it, getting your vehicle back to showroom standard and you know you can drive away with it protected in the best possible way.

This is no Sunday car wash process and can take up to 24 hours for the exterior of a car to be bought back to life, the inside will add considerably more time to this. Also consider getting your new car to a detailer straight from the showroom to ensure it is properly protected from the elements.


All detailers featured on 3Dom Wraps are insured to carry out these high end services, adding additional confidence when dropping your car off. We have more details on Car detailing below. If you have any questions about detailing or the in depth process discussed below, then please do not hesitate to Contact Us or discuss in more detail with our suppliers after requesting a quote below.

Car detailing types, methods and products

Detailing is a huge subject, with many elements to it to cover all needs of a wide range of clients.

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Car Detailing Guide

Many of us still thinking of valeting when we think of high end car cleaning and restoration services. So what exactly is Car Detailing?



Extensive cleaning and treatment of the car


When taking your car to a detailer, there will be a huge amount of processes followed in order to restore your car back to its best, whilst then protecting it moving forward. Your paint and finish of the vehicle is important to the owner and the to the value of the car. Highly skilled technicians use quality materials and equipment with extensive knowledge and expertise about cars and their finishes.   




Auto Detailing




Paint Protection Services


A selection of finishes will be applied to the paint surface to protect against the elements, both inside and outside the car. Sealants and waxes are used, not only to give the car a high quality finish but to protect it for a considerable amount of time.


Paint Correction Services


Paint correction is the process of the removal of marks or imperfections in the top layer of paint through swirl mark removal or machine polishing, this gives the car a high quality finish. Whether the process is carried out by machine or by hand, the it will involve using various grades of polish, cleanser and compound. This is usually done with a rotary polishing machine, leaving the highest level of finish possible from your paint. Paint correction requires training and experience and only highly skilled detailers should be undertaking proper paint correction services that, when done properly, will transform your car. Water marks, fading, dust, dirt and debris and minor scratches, all contribute to a dull and lifeless car body.


Why would you need Paint Correction?


Everyday your car bodywork is exposed to the elements and potential damaging sources like: 


  • Road dirt, dust and grit
  • Birds, flies, bugs and damaging tree sap
  • Poor machine or hand polishing techniques
  • Water marks
  • Tar
  • Humans and clothing
  • Poor valeting techniques and/or products
  • The car washes


All of these start to reduce the bright and polished appearance of your car, with fading soon to follow, reducing the value of your vehicle. A good car detailer using the best paint correction techniques can restore and heal any of the above damage and is well worth the investment.


Benefits of Getting Your Car Detailed


Every aspect of your car will be visually improved by a full detail, from the paintwork and plastic to the interior fabrics and plastics, the difference will be considerable and way above that of a valeting service. If your car is not wrapped or you do not wish to wrap your car, then detailing will be an important service throughout the life of your car, noticeably cheaper than a respray. Below is a summary of the basic benefits from a full car detail.




  • Removal of marks and swirls, bringing life back into your bodywork paint, reducing the fade effect and intensifying the colour of the paint.


  • A detailed car will stand out and look better than the same car that has not been detailed. Every aspect of the car will look sharp and refreshed.


  • Dirt will not stick or gather on the car so easily, this will be clear through the beading that will be visible when the car is wet, it will almost repel dirt.


  • Long term protection against the elements for all surfaces and materials of the car.


  • Value of the car will be held for longer, the visual aspects and quality of the vehicle will not reduce the value of the car.




Car Detailing - Polished Bonnet




12 Main Steps to Detailing:




  1. Wash: All dirt has to be removed from panel surfaces to avoid scratches.
  2. Dry: Make sure surfaces are dry to avoid swirl marks and scratches.
  3. Clay: Not everyone will have clay car but it is a good product to invest in to fully detail your car.
  4. Prep: Either follow steps 1 and 2 again or use post-clay spirits.
  5. Inspect: Give the car a look over, use a light to highlight any missed areas.
  6. Polish: If the paintwork has marks they can either be hand, or machine polished.
  7. Protect: Wax or sealant is used to protect the paintwork.
  8. Interior: The interior is the next best step while the wax cures. 
  9. Fabric: This varies for each material, but find an appropriate treatment solution for each of the interior materials.
  10. Wheels: Wheels can be removed for a fuller clean, or leave them on to clean just the outside.
  11. Glass: All glass, headlights, tail lights and wing mirrors need to be treated with a sealant.
  12. Extra Details: It is never a bad thing to go back over each area of the car and make sure all the trim is protected clean.


For more detail on each of these details and what exactly is required, make sure you check out our blog series; #AttentionToDetail




Why We Recommend  Detailing


Over the years, the various ways that people have looked after and improved the look of their vehicles has changed quite spectacularly. Whilst in the past people would concentrate on things like polishing the outside or having unique looking wheels, today people want a more complete and refined look in general. For anyone in this position, car detailing is the best way to going about this – vehicle detailing is a hugely interesting aspect of design and artistic change in a vehicle, and allows you to make things look better than ever. It’s exciting, it’s easy to use, and it’s effective; what more could you want from a car design service?


At 3Dom Wraps, we provide car detailing in just about any way that you could need. We work with using very interesting design techniques and use a group of professional car detailing experts that understand the importance of unique artwork and designs that truly catch the eye. We understand just how important it is to do these little touches and little additions that make the artwork that little bit more enticing to the public, but we also appreciate the importance of doing it right and getting that real precision in there to maximize the overall detail.


All of our details and designs, though, are made to last. Every vehicle detailing session we undertake is done with a specific style and service in mind, which speaks to the driver and ensures that they can get the help that they need in finding a very unique and fresh design for their vehicle. Detailing is, without a doubt, the easiest and most effective way of making your vehicle look truly unique. Many people deal in this kind of design, but we believe that we offer the finest artists and the most effective design skills required.


Everything that we bring to the table, though, is inspired by your ideas and your directions. We make sure to never provide anything without being asked and go with an artistic style that will remain within the realms of what you personally want. All of our knowledge and our expertise when it comes to detailing is built around listening to our clients and ensuring that they want to actually learn and improve with us as a team. For more info and for a free quote fill out the form on this page.