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This stealth look brings some aggression to the front of your car, an option growing in popularity

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Headlight tinting is a style choice and a customisation that is becoming very popular, although it is not something that is looked upon favourably by the law if done incorrectly. Smokey and grey films are a popular method of bringing a mean and aggressive look to the front of your vehicle and when combined with brake light tinting as well, the whole visuals of the car can be changed.

Before deciding to get your headlights tinted be sure to read all of our information below and use one of the window tinting specialists in our directory.

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Window Tinting

If you are considering tinting your headlights it’s likely you are also going to look into tinting your windows as well. Take a look at this service in more detail, use our window tinting simulator and request quotes from local professional installers.

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Brake Light Tinting

Another ideal customisation option for those looking to add a stealth or aggressive look to their car is a full de-chrome, using car wrapping vinyls to apply gloss black or matte black films to the metal and chrome trim of your car.

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Headlight Tinting Guides and Resources

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Have questions about headlight tinting?

Tinting your headlights can seem like a bad idea, even if the style is something you really like and this often leads to many questions about what is legal, whether it is allowed as part of your MOT and what the rules are. As a result we have some FAQs below where we have tried to answer your questions as best we can. Be sure to discuss any concerns you may have with your service professional when requesting a quote through 3Dom Wraps.

It’s not illegal, but the law and insurers are not big fans of lights being tinted due to how important they are for safety for both you and other road users. The best way to stay legal is to work with your professional window tinter to ensure the legal guidelines are followed.

Simple answer here is no. It is illegal to have any colour on your headlights other than white or yellow, so in terms of tinting you will be limited to smoke or greys.

Although not designed for this purpose, the film will naturally add some protection to your headlights, reducing he chance of stone chips and prevent discolouring from UV and wear and tear.

It will last a good length of time, with most professional window tinters offering at least 12 months warranty on their work, but you can expect it to last significantly longer if installed correctly.

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