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Car valeting is the ideal car cleaning service, keeping your car as good as new, all year round. Safely and effectively.

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Valet service types

Vehicle valeting is the best way to get your car cleaned, a much safer alternative to a car wash or your average supermarket car cleaners. Car valets are highly trained and skilled professionals, using quality detailing products, and as a customer you must choose the best provider you can in your local area. Valets may have their own secure units to work on your vehicle or they may be a mobile valet that will come to your home or work to clean your car.

Interior/Exterior Valet

Most car valeters will be able to provide you with either an interior or an exterior valet service. This will see a complete clean carried out in those areas with treatments applied to care for the vehicle as you use it and protect your investment. Exterior valets are the most popular, especially in winter.

Full Vehicle Valet

A full valet will see your whole car cleaned, both inside and out and treated with advanced and high quality car care products that will leave a lasting clean. Full valets are the most expensive services from top valets and take the most time but will leave you with great results.

Mobile Car Valet

Mobile car valeting is a great way of getting any of the valet services, anywhere, anytime. Often mobile valets will visit your home or place of work to carry out your mobile car valet while you carry on with your day. Costs are not much different and the service is just as high quality.

Understand the best of Vehicle valeting

The best way to understand a car valet service is to explore every step a professional will go through when caring for your car. Using the right company or service provider is essential to protect your vehicle from any damage whilst it is being cleaned.

Snow Foam/Shampoo

Most valets will start off your valet service with a rinse and shampoo to lift dirt from the surface of your car. Top valets use top car care products that will be friendly to your paintwork but tough on dirt.

2 Bucket Clean

A two bucket clean is a simple concept that prevents damaging dirt particles being returned to your car and wiped across your paintwork during the wash mitt process.

Microfibre Drying Towel

Microfibre drying towels are highly effective at removing water from your paintwork, safely and extremely efficiently, before more treatment are applied. These are a favourite products for valets and car detailers.

Pre Wax Cleaner

The most effective way of applying new waxes and sealants is to ensure old layers are removed prior to the process being carried out. Pre-wax cleansers are the ideal products for this process.

Wax/Glass Coat

High end waxes and sealants are used and applied by the skilled valets to seal in the shine of your newly cleaned paintwork. These will protect against future dirt and potential damaging swirls by adding a tough layer between the paint and the elements.

Polish Exhaust Tips

Exhausts get dirty quickly and are exposed to significant heat and grime from exhaust fumes, so many valets will look to clean, restore and protect your exhaust tips and keep them looking sharp.

Alloy Wheel Clean

Alloy wheel cleaning is a big part of your car valeting service, with alloys exposed to road debris and brake dust everyday. These will be deep cleaned with acid free cleaners before being protected in the same way as your paintwork.

Plastic/Tyre Dressing

Plastic, rubber and tyres often fade and discolour, but with some basic dressing products they can be restored quickly and easily and bring a quality finish back to your newly cleaned car.

DIY Vehicle Valeting

If you know how to clean, maintain and protect your car in the right way, then you will be able to look after it through DIY valeting. We have many posts and articles that we have created around valeting and how to clean your car safely and most effectively.

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Need to know more about vehicle valeting?

You may have many questions about valeting like why to use instead if a car wash, why its different from car detailing or how long it is likely to take to get your car in top shape. We have a collection of car valeting FAQs below and if you have further questions, be sure to speak with your car valet professional when requesting a quote or booking through 3Dom Wraps.

Detailing is an extremely high end service with the main services focusing around paint enhancement, paint correction and paint protection, the sort of services that help protect the investment in valuable vehicles. It is accessible to anyone and any vehicle of course, with varying levels of detailing that suit most needs and requirements but it is certainly a different product than car valeting.

Valeting is a car cleaning service as apposed to a car enhancement or restoration service.

Well this is always up to you and your needs, it will depend how often you use your car and how dirty it generally gets. Getting a high quality valet service will increase the time between washes due to the level of products that will have been used on the car, both inside and out. Generally try to keep the car clean and not let it get too dirty before booking in your next valet.

It is becoming common knowledge between car enthusiasts, car customisers and professional automotive service providers that car washes and cheap car cleaning providers are causing significant damage to almost every vehicle they clean. With the rise in popularity of car care and in particular car detailing, many of us are looking at our paintwork in more detail as to why it may not be as shiny and glossy as it once was.

Taking your car to your local cheap car wash is certainly a risk due to the techniques that are used. Yes surface dirt may be removed but at what cost to your paintwork?

Professional valeting services are able to use tried and testing techniques to clean your car safely, treat it and leave it protected until it next needs a clean. Be sure to use the best service you can afford for your investment.

The effects of a good car valet will last quite some time, so much so that even when you car nexts needs a clean, it may not take as long if your car is regularly cared for. Speak to your valet professional about a maintenance program when you request a quote through 3Dom Wraps.

This usually comes down to the preference of the car valet professional but will most likely include a shampoo or conditioner for rinsing and lift dirt from your car, dressing products to breath life back into your rubbers and plastics and a high quality wax or glass/ceramic coating to seal in shine and protect your paintwork.

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