You’ve just had your car painted and it’s looking great. Everything’s shiny, new, and you’re immensely proud of it. But what next? Other than driving around town showing it off, of course. Caring for the new paint job on your car is important all year round. From washing and cleaning, to polishing and waxing, protecting and making sure you do your best with the upkeep of your car can be the difference between a wasted paint job, and one that can last for years to come. But where do you start? Cheap parcel delivery with can ensure your goods are where you need them when you need them, but what exactly do you need?

Paint correction/restoration

Some kind of paint restoration solution is a must-buy if you want to keep your paint job looking brand new all year round. Paint correction solutions can remove any surface problems from any paint, gel coats, plastics and more. Water spots, acid rain marks, bird excretion and more can all be corrected and the paint restored to its former glory. While you might not need this straight away, it’s well worth having on hand just in case!

Headlight restoration kits

A headlight restoration kit can be a quick and effective solution for dull, discoloured headlights that might be affecting the look and functionality of your car. Abrasives, masking tape, pads and polishes all work perfectly in restoring every light on your car to save you from paying out for garage help in the future. You can find hand-use sets, though some, such as the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit can be mounted onto a handheld drill for a faster, easier restoration.

Scratch removal solutions

There is nothing worse than having a perfect paint job and then finding that it’s been scratched. Luckily, due to the commonness of scratches and the heartbreak suffered by many, demand had been answered and scratch-removal solutions have been introduced. Paint scratch removal solutions are usually made from a lubricated compound, designed with high quality abrasive materials that break down into a find compound – all of this means the solutions are usually perfect for heavy scratches and swirls.

The right cleaning equipment

Washing your car with the appropriate tools will help increase the lifespan of your paintwork. Cotton or paint-safe microfiber mitts and cloths are perfect for washing and drying, and with a bucket that can hold enough water and the right cleaning products – anything paint safe and designed for vehicle use – will give your car the clean it deserves! Try to make sure that the cleaners and products you use are pH balanced, non-detergent formulas that won’t strip off wax unless you plan on re-waxing your car immediately after.

Glaze and/or polish

This is perfect if your car still looks dull after you’ve washed it. Polish, cleaners and rubbing compounds can all work, but polish is the least likely to remove any paint. Try and use polish to begin with, and only move onto the more abrasive cleaners and rubbing compounds if it truly isn’t working. Finish off with waxing every few months and your car will be shiny, well protected and the paint job will continue to look just as impressive as it did the day it was done.

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