We live in a globalized world where the products in the luxury segment and the automotive segment come from different places. Cars are no exception to this. When people think of buying cars, the first main question that comes to their mind is whether to opt for American cars or Japanese cars. How do American cars differ from Japanese cars? Are European cars better than American cars? It all draws to one simple conclusion; it depends on your personal preferences. 


The design concept of American cars often keeps changing. This is not the case with Japanese cars. The design of Japanese cars tends to stay the same for years. 

Quality Control 

When it comes to delivering quality vehicles, cars from Japan stands out. The quality control mechanism put in place by the Japanese automobile companies match the general quality control standards of all the countries around the world. This is one of the major reasons why Japanese cars find the market in almost every region. The durability of the cars is too good. 

Quality matters a lot when it comes to any product. People generally tend to place quality and price on the same scale. A high-quality product need not be too pricey. The same applies to any product you aim to sell in the market. If we compare to the retail sector, sites like smokingthings who sell vape, the quality is emphasized more than the other factors. 

Fuel efficiency 

The cars manufactured by American companies tend to consume more fuel when compared to Japanese cars. One of the main reasons, the Japanese cars became a huge hit is, during the 1973 oil crisis, the demand for cars that don’t consume more fuel was way too high. The Japanese firms made use of this opportunity to establish their brand of cars in the market. 


When it comes to the speed factor, the American cars run like a knife through butter. The speed of Japanese cars is not too high when compared to American cars. 


The reason behind the high fuel consumption of American cars is the size and power of the engine. American cars are commonly known as muscle cars. The engine quality never depletes over the years and always stays in proper condition. 


When taking in the safety factor, American cars are considered as safe as the Japanese cars. But the level just soars a bit high in the case of Japanese cars. As the speed control is not too good in American cars, the safety gets a hit. 


Considering the cost factor, Japanese cars are priced reasonably low when compared to American cars. Especially, the MUVs and SUVs manufactured under the Japanese names are priced the least when compared to cars from the other brands. 

The first-ever car was manufactured in Japan with the aid of an American Engineer. Little did the Americans realize that a tiny island country in the Eastern part of Asia would rise to become their competitor. Now that the user is aware of the various aspects, it is up to him to make the choice. 


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