Your car’s interior is an important place that requires regular upkeep. You may not clean it daily, but don’t let a week without removing dirt that can accumulate. This is especially vital if you use your car daily or have regular passengers. They may not be throwing large garbage around, but the dust and grime they can cause will make your car’s interior unclean.

With such, here are some tips that can help you clean it effectively:

  1. Declutter Daily

It’s best to declutter your car’s interior at the end of the day. That way, you can avoid garbage from piling up inside, which can make cleaning more time-consuming and more challenging.

When cleaning on a regular schedule, say every week, ensure that you remove extraneous items. These may include magazines, books, children’s toys, gym bags, and other stuff that you or your passengers may have left. Doing this also allows you to organize your car interior to ensure that only the necessary things are inside.

  1. Brush, Vacuum, Or Steam-Clean The Mats And Carpets

You may not be aware, but your car’s floor mats and carpets may be one of the dirtiest. However, you may have to clean them last because you must start from the top to the bottom. Doing this will help prevent redoing the mats and carpets as you may create a mess while cleaning the other parts of your interior. For instance, spraying snow foam on seats may make a mess, but it can help you clean faster. You can find snow foam that you can order online at and similar e-stores. 

When cleaning the carpets, you can also use snow foam to remove stains as they’re hard to remove. Or, if gums are stuck on them, you can pry them off the carpets when they’re brittle. You can also rub the gums with ice cubes for matted gums on the carpet.

If there are no stains or gums, you can use a medium-stiff brush to remove dirt after spraying it with a cleaning liquid. However, don’t make the carpets too wet to avoid mildew or mold growth. You can also use an absorbent towel to make carpets dry.

A steam cleaning machine can also help effectively clean carpets. This can leave them looking new and odor-free since you don’t need to use chemicals. But before thoroughly cleaning them, you must first vacuum the carpets. Doing so will help remove coins or dirt that got stuck on them.

Mats protect your car interior by collecting dirt. That’s why you need to remove them from your car and shake them to remove loose dirt. Or use a stiff brush to loosen grime. A vacuum cleaner’s bare hose nozzle can also help clean the grooves. And of course, you should dry them completely as mats can become unsafe and slippery when using them wet while driving.

  1. Clean The Hard Surfaces

The car interior’s hard surfaces include the glass windows, door handles, console, steering wheel, dashboard, and others. Start by dusting and vacuuming them to remove accumulated dust. Then, use liquid dish soap to wipe off these hard surfaces. If the soapy water becomes grimy and the cloth becomes dirty, change them so you won’t transfer the dirt to the other surfaces.

You can use a dry, clean microfiber cloth and glass cleaner to remove haze and fingerprints when cleaning the windows. If there are chrome surfaces inside, you can also polish them.

  1. Wipe Touch Screens

Infotainment screens in cars are becoming a trend. While they may seem clean, they also accumulate fingerprints and dust. However, don’t use glass cleaners as they require different cleaning products, although you can also use a clean microfiber cloth.

What’s important is to avoid buying ammonia-based window or glass cleaner for these screens. You won’t destroy the screen’s anti-fingerprint and anti-glare coatings.

  1. Schedule Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

When scheduling cleaning your car, it’s essential to consider how frequently you drive, the number of regular passengers, and how you use the vehicle. For instance, you use the car for out-of-town trips. This means there may be leftover things from your trip such as food, clothes, and stuff you may have bought along the way. As mentioned, declutter them to make room for your car if you’ll use them for the next few days for your office trips.


Keeping your car’s interior clean can make the materials used inside your vehicle last longer because you prevent dirt, germs, mold, and other harmful organisms from living in them. It’ll also make your car smell good since you’re eliminating stuff that may produce foul odors. And when you clean it regularly, you can save time and effort as dirt won’t accumulate.


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