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Our network is new and growing, but we want to make it great through building lasting and trust worthy relationships with our suppliers

The 3Dom Wraps Network offers a unique directory product for the Automotive Aftermarket industry. By joining the network, your company will benefit from an increase in quote requests and bookings, all managed with our custom built quoting and booking system. Each 3Dom Wraps Network member will have their own account dashboard where they can manage, maintain and track quote requests and confirmed bookings. 3Dom Wraps are on hand to support all our members and to improve the Automotive services industry for both the consumers & suppliers.

Benefits are:

  • Increase in local quotation requests
  • Increase in confirmed bookings
  • Management system
  • Free marketing of your services
  • Technical support
  • Social media promotion
  • A range of additional services targeted to the automotive aftermarket industry from web design to SEO

Why use 3Dom Wraps?

Our network is new and growing, but we want to make it great through building lasting and trust worthy relationships with our suppliers

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  • Increase revenue and lead generation
  • Free to use, no upfront fees
  • Investment in marketing your inudstry
  • Huge online marketing strategy
  • Cancel anytime, no contracts


"We have seen a 20% increase in quote requests since signing up with 3Dom Wraps. They work with us to help convert our quotes and we intend to be a part of this network and can't wait to see how it grows."
Race by Design
"We are getting 3/4 requests a day from 3Dom Wraps. It is fantastic for lead generation and we are able to upsell and talk with customers who are used to using the internet for purchasing and talking with services."
Boss Dog

Not just the middle man!

We have built custom tools for the automotive aftermarket services industry to support suppliers with their online marketing and quote generation activities, while investing heavily in digital marketing to promote the industries for the benefit of our suppliers

3Dom Wraps has developed a system designed to protect both the customer and the supplier. We identified early on that many suppliers, especially new and small businesses, faced the issue of bookings that the customers fail to fulfill. Workshops booked out and left empty due to a no show. With customers paying 10% deposit directly to 3Dom Wraps, you can take on the work, safe in the knowledge that there is a deposit there to protect your business. Once the service is complete, 3Dom Wraps will earn the 10% deposit as our referral fee.

As described above, the management tools provide a unique platform designed specifically for automotive industry service suppliers. These tools allow you to receive and manage quote requests, submit quotes with a simple form and receive bookings directly from those quotes. With the deposit protection all built in as well, our tools provide a unique service for you to grow you business in the online market to local consumers.

We believe these type of services are in more demand than ever before, but many automotive owners are still unaware of the types of services available to them. We aim to make ourselves easy to find for those who need a service, while reaching out to promote to a wider audience and educate them on our site with great content.

3Dom Wraps was developed by a fantastic team of developers at Capsicum Technologies. With our technology designed and built with our targets in mind, we have been able to receive quote requests from day one and continue to grow to where we are today. The ongoing SEO & digital marketing strategies from Capsicum Technologies are successful month on month, ensuring our future as a market leader in the automotive aftermarket services industr..

Unique Management Tool

We have built custom tools designed specifically for your service industries and the way you work, providing an internet platform to accompany your existing quote and booking management tools.

"Built for the purpose to be an asset for suppliers with limited digital resources, simplifying their day to day quoting and booking process alongside lead generation."

Show off the Network

Display our brand and link to 3Dom Wraps through your own website and help the Network grow. By showing customers you are part of a growing Network with great content for the industry, we can promote your company further and display your work to all our site visitors, while your potential customers can be educated further on the details of each service you provide.


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We want to make the 3Dom Wraps Network a valuable resource for our suppliers and the international automotive aftermarket industry as a whole. We want all of our suppliers to be accredited by industry leading organisations within their service area. If you are not accredited you can still sign up, but we may restrict quotes from coming though until you provide evidence that you are.

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