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Car dealer paint protection
05 July 2016

Most car dealers will offer add ons alongside the purchase of your car as a way of sweetening the deal, or simply as an up sell to increase their margins, both of which may have their own pros and cons.

Car Wrapping Growth 2016
22 February 2016

The Car Wrap industry is growing fast internationally, with huge growth in online search throughout 2015 and significant increases forecast for 2016. Early signs over the past 8 weeks suggest wrappers in the UK are going to be busier than ever.

Recent Blogs

How to repair paint scratches on your motorcycle
23 October 2015

It doesn’t matter how careful you are, sometimes scratches to the paint work on your motorcycle are beyond your control and are unavoidable as a result. Rather than spending hundreds, possibly even thousands on a small touch up, you can carry out the repair yourself. Here’s how:

How To Install Car Window Tinting Film
23 October 2015

Tinting your car windows is a sure fire way to give it new look, but it can be tricky affair to get right. However, with some patience, perseverance, and the help of an assistant, it is possible to save hundreds of dollars if you do the job yourself.

Motorbike Paint Protection Film
03 August 2015

Motorbike paint protection film is becoming the most popular form of paint protection currently on the market, with the affordable price and the DIY install kits, make it a very attractive option for motorcyclists around the world.

Car Paint Protection Film Kits
31 July 2015

Paint Protection film have come in kit form for some time and are mostly used, and sold, as DIY kits for Motorbikes. The motorbike industry sees huge value in paint protection kits due to the human interaction with the bike. But what about cars and how templated kits are used on for them too?

Paint Protection film application process
31 July 2015

Paint Protection Film is becoming an essential upgrade package for supercars, whilst being seen used more and more on medium to high range vehicles from BMW, Audi & Porsche up to Mclaren, Lambourgini and Ferrari. We take a look at the processes involved in fitting Paint Protection Film from cut templates.

Paint protection film pros and cons
08 July 2015

With PPF becoming more common place in the automotive and customising world, it’s no wonder that the quality has risen tenfold from the very first PPF’s that were done over a decade ago

Repairing alloy wheels
08 July 2015

How many times have you been told by tire shops that your slightly bent-out-true alloy rim cannot be repaired, but as luck would have it, they have an amazing special offer on new alloy rims- a special offer that runs out in a few hours?

Paint protection films
18 June 2015

Paint Protection is a must for any gearhead. It keeps your vehicle looking fresh and smart all the time by taking the impact from any debris on the roads, or that person that likes to open their door or run their keys down the side of your well kept vehicle.

Race Livery Designs 2015
16 June 2015

We love it when a team or driver gets an interesting, eye catching livery. It adds something to a racing series if you can see a cool looking car whizz past, you are looking out for that eye catchingly designed machine to see where it is sitting in the pecking order.

A Guide to Window Tinting
26 May 2015

Window Tinting can make any car instantly look more important and classy if done correctly. If the rest of the car has green light glowing from under it, or if it is a Corsa with a huge bodykit on it then, it just adds to the ‘ricer’ image. But if done correctly it adds privacy to the car and adds to the aggressive, executive look it creates.

Tips on how to become a 3M vinyl wrap installer
18 May 2015

There’s big money to be made in car wrapping, and if you wish to become an accredited vinyl wrap installer, here are a few tips to help get you started.

How to clean, polish & maintain alloy wheels
08 May 2015

When it comes to the overall appearance of cars, you will probably all agree that keeping them clean and tidy regularly is the best way to go about ensuring they look the best they can.

Guide to Interior Detailing
05 May 2015

Car detailing adds a shine to your car while also protecting it, small details can make all the difference and when it comes to the interior it is a good idea to pay particular attention to detail, as you are sat on the inside of the car more than you are looking at it from the outside.

Guide to Exterior Car Detailing
05 May 2015

Car detailing adds a shine to your car while also protecting it, so it is best to make it a regular part of your maintenance routine. Hopefully you have read through our Detailing Preparation blog (If not, we recommend you check that out first) so now we move onto detailing the exterior of the car. Again, not every step has to be done together so if you want to only focus on one area, simply follow the steps we have laid out and pick out the points that interest you.

Guide to Car Detailing Preparation
30 April 2015

Car detailing adds a shine to your car while also protecting it, so it is best to make it a regular part of your maintenance routine. Not every step has to be done together so if you want to only focus on one area, simply follow the steps we have laid out and pick out the points that interest you.

Social media strategy in Motorsport
02 April 2015

As a Motorsport team or driver, you should also try to engage into social media, because is the best place to create an audience and connect with it.

Motorsport website hosting
02 April 2015

You can't create a website without having a place where you can host it first... For a Motorsports team to obtain the best results on a growing market, it needs to have its own website that is created to keep in touch with the audience.

Logo design in Motorsport
01 April 2015

As we all know, having a logo is crucial in this competitive world, especially in Motorsports where teams do stand out based on their colors and logos alone.

Email Campaign marketing in Motorsport
31 March 2015

Creating a good and professional email marketing campaign for Motorsports can be a little bit of a hassle, because there are multiple things that need to be taken into account in order for it to function properly. This is the most imperative thing that you need to do in order to obtain success this century, but in order to get that, you need to learn how you can design a professional and reliable email marketing campaign specifically for the Motorsports world, a campaign that will be done efficiently and which will provide you with astounding results

Social Media campaigns for Motorsport
30 March 2015

One of the most important things you need to take into account when you create your online presence is definitely social media... With social media you can obtain the necessary coverage in the online world and, if you use it efficiently, only good things are going to come out of it.

Countries with the Biggest Economies Without an F1 GP
20 March 2015

F1 is seen as, a good way of advertising their country with major investment needed to host a GP. Nearly every circuit on the F1 calendar makes up the strongest economies on the globe but, some aren’t here for a number of reasons.

Wrapping Accreditations
11 March 2015

Certifications are a factor for consideration when choosing a wrap shop, company or organization or individual for printing and /or installation of the vehicle wrap. The various certifications are listed with the wrap companies when choosing a wrap shop in your area and will make it easier for you to make an educated choice. The following are the main certifications available in the vehicle wrap industry and graphic vinyl applications in general:

Five Regions of the World Never to Host an F1 GP
27 February 2015

While parts of the world have grown into the F1 and motorsport world from the South East Asia races of Malaysia and Singapore to the Middle East where they may have three races very soon. Meanwhile, certain parts of the Globe has never had an F1 grand prix and I will discuss why they haven’t but, why they might in the future.

Lotus E23 Launch Race Livery 2015
06 February 2015

The Lotus team will for the first time will run a Mercedes power unit for the 2015 season and are hoping that this will help to catapult them back up the standings after a poor 2014 season but, will not run the new power unit in the first pre-season test.

Pay Drivers in Formula 1 Sponsorship
30 January 2015

Formula 1 and sponsorship goes hand in hand but, with F1 and the commercial sector changing constantly, so does the relationship between the two.

Top 11 Highest Paid Formula 1 Drivers
16 January 2015

Ever wanted to know who earns the most money in Formula 1? Big wins bring in big money, so in this article, we break down the top 11 highest paid drivers in the sport.

Why people went car wrap crazy and stopped painting
16 December 2014

What has drawn even the world’s rich to wrapping their most precious vehicles? Here are the top three compelling reasons that people choose wrapping over painting!

Ways to keep everyone on the McLaren Merry go round
10 December 2014

McLaren have a got a lot of people waiting it seems. Now maybe a decision has been made and we just don't know it yet, keeping everyone happy is going to be tricky but they may want to just keep in mind public opinion and popularity. Sponsors love a popular, successful team after all.

When Motorsport PR has a negative effect on PR
27 November 2014

PR is big business in Motorsport and it is having more of an impact now than ever before. So when does PR have a negative effect on...PR?

Essential guide for a racing driver website
26 November 2014

With digital marketing and social media becoming an essential part of every drivers racing career, your websites are an online billboard to potential sponsors and we help you get it right.

Vinyl Wrapping Motorcycles
25 November 2014

Vinyl wrapping isn't just for cars, motorbikes deserve some attention as well and they look incredibly cool with a decent wrap

Car Wrapping Examples VW
25 November 2014

VW's have been cool since the beetle and lets be honest the current range of Golf's are pretty incredible. Great looking cars, enhanced with awesome wraps.

Car Wrapping Examples Toyota
25 November 2014

Toyota seem to have a new lease of life the days of the Supra seem to be coming back to us. These examples of car wraps will make any Toyota a head turner.

Essential guide to getting Motorsport sponsors
21 November 2014

Our essential guide to getting Motorsport sponsors and finding sponsorship, using the most effective techniques with the best preparation and maximising the impact of your offering to potential partners.

Responsive Motorsport Website Design
21 November 2014

If you are a racing driver or race team, your website is an essential part of your race & sponsorship package. It is your first line of marketing, don't get it wrong.

Car Wrapping Examples Nissan
20 November 2014

Nissan, no not the Sunny off the 90's, but the Nissan who now makes the incredible affordable supercar the GT. The new king of the car wrapping market, find us a GTR that isn't wrapped...

Car Wrapping Examples Mini
20 November 2014

We believe the Mini to be one of the most wrapped car model in the car wrapping scene, down to its unique looks. Owners are a cheerful bunch, looking to be a bit different.

Car Wrapping Examples Porsche
19 November 2014

Just saying the name Porsche makes us smile, it just has that effect on people. Honestly these should be more popular with vinyl wrapping, so lets show off some to get the ball rolling...

Vinyl Wrapping Helmet
19 November 2014

Who has a vinyl wrap on their helmet? not many of you I imagine, but you are missing out, you really are! Take a look at these examples, who needs expensive paint jobs!

Caterham F1 Crowd Funding Mistake?
13 November 2014

Last week Caterham F1 Team launched a campaign on Crowd Cube...

What is ERS in F1
12 November 2014

Energy Recovery System is not new to F1. But this feature has now been heavily relied on this year...

Car Wrapping Examples Range Rover
12 November 2014

Everyone wants to see what their Range Rover will look like with a vinyl car wrap, so we have started to create the best resource on-line, alongside our 3D applications and booking system.

Car Wrapping Examples Mercedes
15 October 2014

German engineering and the executive car of choice, we all love a Mercedes and we all want one in some shape or form, so here are some car wrapping examples...

Car Wrapping Examples McLaren
15 October 2014

After creating the greatest supercar of all time, McLaren have entered the mid range supercar market too with the links on the 12C, so how do they look wrapped?

Car Wrapping Examples Lamborghini
14 October 2014

The beast of the supercar market, Lamborghini has graced bedroom walls for a long time, but now you can wrap them, they are just in a different galaxy!

Car Wrapping Examples Ford
14 October 2014

Well the Ford GT is really a bit of false image, where the Fords we see day to day are more like fiestas and focus's, but they can be vinyl wrapped too...

Car Wrapping Examples Ferrari
14 October 2014

The top of the supercar chain and an international icon, it will take a lot to improve a Ferrari, but we have some amazing car wraps that we think may have just done that...

Car Wrapping Examples Interior
14 October 2014

Who would have thought you could wrap the inside of a car, or any vehicle for that matter? Well you can and it can transform the feel within your ride.

Car Wrapping Examples BMW
13 October 2014

One of the most popular premium cars on the roads across the world, BMW are one of the most wrapped vehicles in the car wrapping industry...

Car Wrapping Examples Bentley
13 October 2014

Well what other car really portrays wealth, class and comfort at the same time, only Bentley can claim to be the king. Now lets get some car wraps done...

Car Wrapping Examples Aston Martin
13 October 2014

Best of British, Aston Martin, covered in the best of vinyl in a car wrapping treat. We have come clear favourites from this list...

Car Wrapping Examples Audi
13 October 2014

Who doesn't love an Audi, and now, who doesn't love an Audi with a stunning vinyl wrap thrown into the bargin? Car wrapping goodness in Audi style...

Motorsport Sponsorship Good Bad
08 October 2014

In Motorsport, where thousandths of a second make all the difference and (to quote Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights) ‘if you ain’t first, you’re last’ you need a personality to get noticed and survive, that is if you don’t have the car to fight at the front for wins and are swamped in the midfield.

Car Wrapping-Pros & Cons
02 October 2014

Car Wrapping rather than respraying it, is becoming an extremely popular choice among car lovers that want to update the look of their car, and businesses that want to promote their brand across a fleet of company vehicles because of just how versatile they are.

Car Wrapping price guide uk
02 October 2014

UK Average Vinyl Wrap Price Guide *Nationwide independent research. Prices should be used as a guide and not as official quotations from 3Dom Wraps or our partners.

Race livery design Subaru WRC
01 October 2014

The blue and yellow livery design that is associated with Subaru is actually due to the 555 sponsorship

One step forward, two steps back?
01 October 2014

The 2014 season has been spectacular. We have seen mistakes from the drivers as they adjust to the increased torque output and the lower downforce levels which has made the racing as a whole, much closer and more unpredictable. If a driver slides the car out of a corner, which is more common this season, the tyres can be ruined in a split second by that one slight mistake, and they then have to change strategies for the race. It has made Formula One much more dynamic in our opinion and has really brought out the racers on the grid rather than those that can just drive and manage tyres, or those that had the best car and could drive it well when in clean air.

Fuel for the Fire - An ulterior motive to going straight on?
30 September 2014

The Italian Grand Prix was brilliant, the fans were great, the racing was incredible and the result has meant that the championship has closed up again. We got everything we want from racing, Jenson Button and Sergio Perez had some great wheel to wheel battles across the race distance and we got to witness Lewis at his best-charging back to victory after a worrying start. A perfect weekend of racing then? …Nearly.

Race Livery Design Motorbase Airwaves
29 September 2014

The BTCC has seen many great, easily recognisable livery designs come and go, from the Holiday Inn SEATs...

Motorsport Sponsorship Strategy
24 September 2014

Those of you that read our last Sponsorship blog, looking at sponsorship activation, will know about the uphill battle driver’s face

Motorsport Sponsorship Activation - Snapchat
24 September 2014

Gustavo is a racing drive with the Van Amersfoort Racing Team, racing in the FIA European Formula 3 series

Motorsport Sponsorship Activation - The Basics
17 September 2014

For a driver to survive in Motorsport now, they have to bring sponsorship with them and if they don’t, then unfortunately even if they are talented they will be overlooked...

Car Wrapping Bad Examples
18 July 2014

By looking through our gallery of images, you can see just how high the level of quality is, but that doesn’t mean that all wraps are done well.

Motorsport Sponsorship Activation Hoonigan
18 July 2014

Monster Energy and DC Shoes struck gold when they teamed up with, and sponsored Ken Block. He has become a brand in himself and with some genius marketing

Race livery design John Player Team Lotus
14 July 2014

The Lotus F1 team have a mixed history, dominance during the 60’s and early 70’s, followed up by poor form in the 80’s. The reincarnated team have seen success with podiums and a race win in each of the 2012 and 2013 seasons, but they haven’t been able to recapture their early dominance.

Car Wrapping Preparation
11 June 2014

The first in our section about Vinyl Car Wrapping and what you need to know when considering your Vehicle Wrap - Preparation method carried out by the installers.

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