When you’ve made up your mind about purchasing a car, you know that you have two options: you can get a brand-new car, or you can opt for the more economical and feasible decision and purchase a second-hand or used model. More and more buyers are choosing the latter, and it’s not difficult to see why. You may want to do the same. With proper research, you could buy a vehicle that may even be of a better class and model than you could afford. But what are the reasons why more buyers are shifting their attention to used cars? Here are the facts you didn’t know.

  • They are much more affordable

The first fact goes without saying—used vehicles are much more affordable than brand-new ones. Obviously, a second-hand vehicle is friendlier on the budget, and their price will only vary based on the make, year, and model. But in general, you’re looking at saving anywhere between 10 percent to 70 percent on the price of a used car compared to a new one. Of course, the price of the vehicle may also differ depending on its condition, age, and, more importantly, its fair value on the market. This is why it’s crucial for you as a car buyer to always compare prices and options when seeking a used vehicle. Make sure it fits all your needs, as recommended by a used car Utah provider such as Young Automotive.

  • They come with lower insurance premiums

Another fact worth knowing is that a used vehicle often comes with lower insurance premiums. Since the used vehicle has already depreciated (significantly, in some cases), their insurance rates are lower compared to brand-new vehicles. But bear in mind that some companies say no to insurance applications for vehicles that are more than ten years.

  • They are easy to customize

If you’re the type who loves getting their car customized, you will be happy to know that you can more easily customize a used vehicle. And it’s cheaper, too! For example, if you buy a new car and don’t want the warranty to go to waste, you would have to wait until the warranty elapses before you can customize your ride. But if you go for a second-hand model and it is past the warranty period, then you can customize it as you please. You can customize your vehicle without worrying about voiding the warranty.

Of course, when you decide that a second-hand vehicle is right for you, you still have to do the appropriate research and ensure that it is in good condition and that you will get a few more years out of it. It’s important to check the history of the vehicle, and you can do this by getting the vehicle’s plate number. You should also be aware that a used vehicle might have greater costs for maintenance, and it’s best if you know a great mechanic who can check on the car and replace the parts that need replacement. All in all, buying used is a good decision. Just be aware of what to look for and be prepared.


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