Car leasing has several advantages including lower payments each month, driving a new model of car regularly and not having to worry about maintenance. While you can get great Fiat lease offers, or amazing lease deals for almost any car, sometimes lessees want to make their leased vehicle feel more personalized. Customization can add a personal feel as well as enhance the driving experience; however one must ensure personal expression does not conflict with the lease guidelines. This article will provide a guide on both the do’s and don’ts of modifying leased vehicles for lessees.

Read and Understand the Lease Agreement

Always understand what you are signing for in your lease. This agreement might include some provisions about customizations which will be specified. These provisions outline clearly what is allowed and not allowed. By being familiar with these terms and conditions, you can make sure you do not attract penalties or conflicts. 

Keep Modifications Reversible

If you still want to modify your leased car, consider customizations that are easy to remove or rectify. This will ensure you can get the vehicle back to its original state when the leasing agreement comes to an end. Reversible modifications include vinyl wraps, removable decals and removable after-market accessories. It is important to ensure that any modifications you make do not cause damage to the vehicle.

Prioritise Non-Invasive Modifications

Non-invasive modifications are any modification that has no lasting impact on the vehicle. These adjustments are easily erased when needed and do not involve any hole-drilling or body work. Some non-invasive modifications can include upgrades on the inside of the vehicle like installing seat covers, new floor mats or steering wheel covers.

Consult with the Dealer or Manufacturer

Talk to the dealer/manufacturer first before you make any modification plans. It is important to make sure any modifications you do make are within the terms of your lease agreement. The dealer or manufacturer will be able to enlighten you about what changes are allowed, and give you recommended vendors or installers. With this your vehicle must be in a position to have no possible warranty problems or lease breaches. 

Maintain Original Parts

Customization gives individual flair, but the old parts of the leased vehicle must be kept intact during storage. This means that when it comes time to return the car, the items can be easily re-installed. This also allows you to either resell or transfer your customized parts when your lease is over.

Avoid Modifications that Void the Warranty

Some modifications may render a product’s warranty invalid, resulting in unexpected repair costs for you. Modifications such as changing the engine, suspension and electrical systems are a few examples of changes that nullify the warranty. It is important always to contact the manufacturer or dealer for information pertaining to warranties that will be violated on account of any alterations undertaken. 

Be Mindful of Aesthetic Changes

When customizing a leased car it should be noted that the modifications you make may affect its resale value. Though the aesthetic modifications may be to your liking, they may be off-putting for possible customers or diminish the market price of the car at the end of your lease. You should consider choosing modifications that find a happy medium between self expression and mass appeal. 

Document and Photograph Modifications

Ensure you take photos and write down any adjustments made on the leased car before the lapse of the leasing period to prevent arguments. This should include documents of the interior and exterior before any changes. These documents will be proof of the condition of the car before any changes and may protect the lessees interests in a dispute concerning the original condition of the vehicle. 


The opportunity to customise a leased car is exciting but it requires careful understanding of the restrictions and provisions in the lease contract. To have a smooth transition when giving back the leased vehicle, the lessee should incorporate the do’s and don’ts of this article. While customizing your leased car, always favor reversible modifications, seek advice from the dealer or manufacturer, and do not lose sight of the warranty implications to ensure that you get the best out of this process. 


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