Today, an increasing number of people are shifting to electric vehicles due to their many benefits. If you’re looking to buy an electric vehicle, it’s important you learn how to take care of your asset. While escaping regular fluid fills and spark plug replacement make electric vehicles appealing, you still need to keep your EV in good condition and you shouldn’t forgo regular maintenance routine. This article discusses important electric vehicle maintenance tips. 

  1. Regular servicing

Although an electric vehicle isn’t as demanding as a fueled one when it comes to maintenance, there are things you need to do to keep it in top condition. Be sure to book your electric car for services regularly. Find an auto repair shop like Crash Champions with experience in servicing and repairing electric vehicles. 

  1. Avoid parking your electric car in the sun for too long

Are you aware that parking your electrical car in the shade rather than the sun extends its battery lifespan? Parking an electric vehicle in the sun for a long time ignites its thermal system, which keeps the battery working and reduces its lifespan. Unless you’re next to an electric vehicle charge, you also risk running out of charge before you get to the next station. Parking in the sun also results in overheating of the battery, which can lead to damage. 

  1. Take care of the motor

The motor is one of the most important parts of an electric vehicle. Although the motor of your EV won’t need the same level of maintenance as a traditional combustion engine, it still needs proper care. With fewer parts to deal with and no oil and oil filters to replace, it is easy to maintain the motor. For best results, get the motor serviced regularly. 

  1. Take care of the battery

The battery of an electric vehicle is more analogous to the engine of a regular vehicle in terms of value and cost. It’s the most expensive part, and a significant factor in your vehicle’s future residual value. Take proper care of the battery like you would take care of an engine of a regular car. Don’t let your battery wear down prematurely, don’t overcharge it, and don’t leave it with a small amount of charge for an extended period. Other things you shouldn’t do include: 

  • Exposing the battery to extreme cold or heat
  • Parking an uncharged electric vehicle for an extended period
  • Charging your battery to 100% (charge the battery to about 80%)
  • Driving in rough terrains: It can lead to frequent vibrations that deactivate the electrical system of the battery
  • Consuming too much power with in-car devices
  • Using quick charging stations too often reduces the battery lifespan
  • Frequent aggressive braking

  1. Coolant service

Although an EV car does not have an engine, it has a coolant that helps to prevent the battery from catching fire. Be sure to flush the coolant out as recommended. 


Electric cars don’t require a regular oil change, spark plug replacements, and annual emissions inspections. It’s also rare to replace the braking system thanks to their regenerative braking technology. It’s easy to maintain an EV, but that doesn’t mean you skip trips to your mechanic for regular servicing.


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