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A perfect collection of care, protection and customisation products for your cars

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Care, protection and car customisation products to take your vehicle to the next level of styling or simply keep it looking in great shape for longer.

It’s no secret that at 3Dom Wraps we love car customisation products, from car detailing to luxury fitted car mats and PPF kits, we just can’t help looking for the best custom products for your cars.

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Car Paint Protection, Detailing & Customisation

We have worked hard to create a collection of products that are perfect for anyone who loves their car, enjoys working on them and wants to keep them as good as new. This has seen us bring some of the market leading brands to our online shelves, available internationally.

Have you seen our paint protection films?

We are now lucky enough to bring the incredible Xpel PPF product range to 3Dom Wraps, meaning our car owners can now apply DIY protection to their cars just like our motorcycle customers can. Explore our full range of Car paint protection and find your brand and kit.

Love to clean your car?

Many of us like nothing more than giving our pride and joy a good wash down, but are you giving your car the best care that it deserves? We have some fantastic market leading car detailing products available for those who can’t stay away from their cars. We also have extensive resources available on how best to care for each area of the vehicle, both inside and out. Become a skilled detailer in your own right and protect your car while you clean it.

Love a bit of luxury in your car?

If the inside of your car is your haven and you love a bit of luxury in life, then we have the perfect range of products for you from Manicci. These Car mats and car boot covers are exceptionally high in quality and bring a high end feel to any car that features them. Each product is cut to fit perfectly in the cars they are available for so you can be sure you have the finish you need

Shipping costs

Free shipping across the UK for all PPF kits. International shipping starts from £9.

What car customisation products do i need?

If you own a car, you need car detailing products. More

These range from caring for metal trim and wheels to restoring your paintwork and protecting your paint with the best waxes available. These products are a given for any car own so be sure to check out our range of brands to find ones that suit you. We stock brands with many years of experience to smaller unknown products that have exceptional qualities.We stock products that smell nice, some are cheaper products and some are known to be the best at certain jobs. It all depends what you are looking to achieve.

New Automotive Products

We grow our product range on a regular basis so be sure to check what our latest releases are.

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If you are in to your cars, and vehicles in general, then our unique collection of products from wall stickers to motorcycle PPF offer something for everyone.

We Blog About Car Customisation Products

Get more insight into car customisation and the products available to bring your vehicle up to scratch or make it completely unique to you.

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