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Britemax Perfect Prep Swirl Removal




Perfect Prep is a specially designed, light pre-cleaning compound that eliminates minor swirl marks, minor surfaces imperfections and cleans off old wax, polishes and embedded dirt. It is completely safe to use on the following materials: paint, gel coat, polished fibreglass and plastics. Perfect Prep from Britemax contains a lubricated, fast acting abrasive cut, which functions well on headlights, plastic and soft top windows, perfect for swirl removal. Importantly, dust particles will not remain trapped and will be completely removed.More
This product will not load up on wool or foam pads. In addition, Perfect Prep is silicon free, making it body shop safe. It is ideal for gel coal boats and kit cars.

How to use Britemax Perfect Prep

By Hand: Before applying make sure you shake well. Thoroughly inspect, clean and dry all surfaces. Using a polishing cloth, apply a small portion of the product on the selected surface and spread evenly with the face of the buffer pad. Initiate buffing with a firm, constant force and reduce pressure little by little. Continue this process until the residue is eliminated and the desired finish is acquired, removing any residue utilizing a soft clean cloth.

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473ml, 3.78L


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