Kimi Racing Wall Stickers
Our love of Motorsport is clear, it runs through everything we do on a daily basis and our artwork designs are no different. If you have an interest in something, why not work with it as well? This is why we decided to look back through our racing hero’s and create some pieces of them, that we could then turn into racing wall stickers. Who needs posters anyway! We won’t go through each one, there are too many, so we will just highlight our personal favourites.

Ayrton Senna Racing Wall Stickers

Senna_Sitting.jpg As you may have noticed in our other blogs, Senna is a bit of a Hero of ours and lets be fair, he is a total legend so where better to start that Ayrton himself. This striking image is thought provoking and really shows how much he cared about what he did. Some quiet reflection can do us all good once in a while, especially when things are not quite going to plan…as was the case here for poor Ayrton.

James Hunt Wall Vinyl

JamesHunt.jpg There isn’t much to say here other than…how cool was James Hunt? This is one of our most popular racing wall stickers.

Racing Wall Stickers – Jim Clark

JimClark.jpg Potentially the winner for us is Jim Clark. This image just worked from the off and true hero of the track come to life on the wall. So simple yet a really deep emotion seems to come from this piece. Wall vinyl is just such a refreshing way of displaying artwork, no more blue tack and creased posters, its just there in the room with you and part of the decor. Our range is designed to suit any style of room, pick through our range of colours to suit your perfect scenario. Who needs wall paper? Who needs Dali? I think it’s time we took a look into some vehicles and got them up on the store as well. Oh no wait, they are all ready there!

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