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If you have any questions about 3Dom Wraps Network or Wrap Shop® subscriptions, take a look at our FAQs

Yes, up to 3 suppliers are able to capture a lead and supply a quote to the customer. This ensures the customer gets multiple options in their local area if there are suppliers available. The best way to get noticed provide a quote that promotes quality, have a completed profile for the customer to see what you do and encourage a sale. Quick fire, cheap quotes are less effective than a well presented one that considers what the customer needs.

Any other supplier on our system can get access to any lead, but only 3 can capture the lead to provide a quote, which is simply done on a first come, first served basis.

The only way to get exclusive leads is through Wrap Shop Pro subscription, where your business will receive a premium directory listing. All your company details will be available to any of our site visitors, your brand and details will feature on the directory homepage and there is an exclusive quote submission form on your page.

Our directory features 1000’s of top automotive re-styling and services companies from around the world and it is more than likely that your brand already features. If it does, you do not want to be listed twice and confuse customers, so we ask all new sign ups to claim a listing as soon as possible.

Not a problem, all this means is that you do not yet feature on our Directory, which we want to resolve asap for all new members. Simply provide all the company details in your Profile Management section and you will appear online within 24 hours.

Your Directory settings and profile can all be managed from the main left hand menu in Wrap Shop. Simply click ‘Directory’ and follow the relevant links. Your profile management section is listed there.

We run updates for our directory once every 24 hours. Submit your changes and they will appear after our next update runs, usually overnight UK time.

Save a lead is literally keeping a link to that lead to be reviewed later, for whatever reason. Capture a lead is an official step that will deduct the relevant credits from your subscription, provide you will all the customers details and allow you to provide a quote and book the customer in all within Wrap Shop.

Each lead has a value assigned to it based on the estimated value of a lead. This means that a lead for a car wrap may use up more credits than a car valet service. This enables suppliers in different industries to use credits for just the service types they want or allow ambitious companies to capture a range of service leads to branch out into new markets.

A lead is a request for a quote, where as a quote is a price that you have given. Leads are very early stage opportunities, whereas quotes are further along the buying process and can be worth significantly more to the supplier involved. Suppliers can create their own leads, outside of marketplace, for customers who may have called or walked in and the supplier wants to keep all the details on the Wrap Shop system. This also allows them to use our price calculator to help less knowledgeable staff provide prices.

Absolutely. Wrap Shop is built in such a way that it can provide huge value to every supplier who wants to use it to its full potential. This does mean that are some new processes to go through, for the benefit of the company in the long run.

Each quote that needs to be created from scratch for a customer that did not come through Wrap Shop, will need to go through the ‘Create a price’ process first, where you capture vehicle and service details. From here a quote can be created in a way that Wrap Shop will track as a conversion and allow to be booked into your booking system – clever right? To make it even easier, you just need to go to ‘Create a quote’ and we will take you through the right process.

Each booking that also needs to be created from outside of anything on Wrap Shop, also needs to start at the ‘Create a price’ and go through the official Quote process too. The power of the booking system really comes into its own by being run in this way. All you need to do is select ‘Create a booking’ and we will ensure you carry out the right steps.

This ensures that Wrap Shop is able to provide you with the best possible data, from CRM information about each lead/quote/booking to Forecasts to track business growth, conversions and financial targets. Without taking the right steps, the system would simply not provide accurate data to our valuable suppliers.

Yes, see above question for a full outline on the best way to do this or visit ‘Create a quote’ whenever a new customer needs a quote from you.

Yes, see above. Also, any customer who has been through Wrap Shop before, will be in your CRM system to use on any new leads/quotes/bookings.

Yes, any customers who have been through Wrap Shop in any way, will be on your CRM system and can be selected when creating new leads and quotes.

Yes of absolutely. At the moment this would be a manual process of adding one by one through your CRM section, but we are working hard on adding an import feature from your favourite CRM or email marketing systems.

No, none. 3Dom Wraps only charges the costs of the Wrap Shop subscriptions, based on a monthly billing cycle. Any price increases will come with plenty of warning and we are aiming to only add new subscription packages rather than change prices for existing packages.

A POS is often found in over the counter venues such as restaurants, activity venues and even shops. They provide quick access to important software functionality, such as create a price, create a quote and create a booking.

These are notifications to display that there is something that needs action in that part of your account. The numbers simply show how many items need action. Once viewed, these notifications will clear.

Once you have sent a quote to a customer, they get notified and can view the price and service you have recommended. From there they can accept a quote and request to book with you. This can be done over the phone, email or in person with the customer, but by them requesting a booking via your official quote Wrap Shop can track sales and conversions and add the booking directly to your booking system and calendar once confirmed. Just like magic. When a customer tells us ‘I want to book’ the quote will appear in your Booking Requests section for you to confirm.

Yes, just visit your Account settings page from the menu on the left or your profile in the top right and choose the subscription you would like. More details can be found in our Account documentation.

Almost, but we need to check every submission. If you submit to us, we will take a look and look to add to our schedule to be posted within 24 hours, depending on availability.

This is a shame, we are sorry to see you go. To cancel, simply visit Account and follow the ‘Cancel Subscription’ link. Your account with cease at your next billing date.

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