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Wrap Shop has been in development for 2 years, while 3Dom Wraps has grown online into a car customsiation powerhouse of content and lead generation, providing the ideal platform to launch with everything needed to support all our subscribers with genuine ROI opportunities. As a Saas product (software as a service) Wrap Shop allows you to stay on top of all business activity through an online paint protection booking software that has been built for purpose. Take the initiative to grow your business with valuable leads and tools available as affordable subscription packages.


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Paint Protection Leads

The 3Dom Wraps brand has been built around organic growth, using advanced digital marketing methods and effective content campaigns to create a significant lead generation business that has become a leader in automotive customisation and paint protection leads around the world. With over 30,000 leads and counting, 3Dom Wraps delivers value to our Wrap Shop subscribers through our real time lead marketplace.

We monitor and maintain the value of our PPF leads on a daily basis, ensuring that only the best value is bought to the market for our professional service suppliers.

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Built on our ‘Credit’ system, any subscriber to Wrap Shop can capture valuable leads for free, as part of their existing package. The more valuable the lead, the more credits are taken but there are always enough to give plenty of ROI when working on Wrap Shop. Grow your PPF business with an effective paint protection booking system like no other.

Directory listing for local customers to find you for local organic search terms

International scale leads marketplace, filtered to suit individual businesses

With most customers using our computer generated price calculator, they generally know the expected costs

1 click lead capturing, once you know you want it & have available credits

Not got time to review a lead? Simply save it for later before wasting credits

Powerful Forecasting tools within Wrap Shop allow for sales tracking & financial forecasts automatically

Paint protection quotes, available anywhere, anytime

Managing all the outgoing prices and quotes for multiple customer across multiple staff can be a problematic part of running any SME and the paint protection industry is certainly no different as the market continues it’s growth. Now there is a solution for all automotive customisation service providers to be based in the cloud, with tools that have never been custom built for the industry before. Provide quotes directly through your paint protection booking software, taking you from lead to billing in a few simple steps at a fraction of the cost of sales tools like Salesforce.

Create, edit and find quotes anywhere, anytime

Professional numbering and ID system to better track past detail quotes

Customer contact details passed automatically to your Wrap Shop CRM, linked to past quotes & bookings

Expire quotes automatically, setting times and dates based on the length of the price

Set reminders to follow up quotes for your auto detailing services

Wrap Shops powerful forecasting tools help you stay on top of your sales pipeline

Convert a sales lead with the click of a button

Paint Protection Quoting System

As a PPF booking system, Wrap Shop intends to have a significant impact on the industry as a whole and support the growth of businesses old and new that are providing great vinyl services to customers anywhere in the world. By allowing you more time to focus on the job in hand and less time lost in the admin, Wrap Shop will increase efficiency and revenues from first use.

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Paint Protection Booking Software

We care about the automotive restyling and customisation industry and we can mostly about the highly skilled service providers on the front line creating stunning examples of their skills on a daily basis. We have built tools for you, from first lead contact to marking a booking as paid, Wrap Shop does what you need it to do. Everything is managed in one place, including CRM, calendars and business forecasts. Use your POS (point of sale) for walk in customers and phone enquiries to get to your important tools quicker. Make Wrap Shop your business in the cloud.

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With the power to control everything online, you can be on top of business growth like never before.

Full life span of customer, from lead to booking and successful service

Keep track of every action you or your staff take on every booking

See weekly and monthly sales figures and forecasts

Drag and drop booking calendar to the ultimate in organisation

View upcoming projects and receive overview notifications

Make every action efficient by making use of your powerful POS (point of sale) system

Invoicing – Automatically create invoices for completed bookings and distribute to your customers.

Stock management – connected to our price calculator and your quote system to create quotes more accurate than ever, connected directly to leading material distributors to replenish your stock in the most efficient and cost effective way imaginable.

Staff management – tracking staff holidays, hours, tasks and jobs, you can control everything from your Wrap Shop and notify specific staff about certain requirements or news via email or text message.

Take deposits – a major issue for many car wrappers is ‘no shows’. We will enable Enterprise subscribers to take a deposit into our own Escrow system to protect both parties.

Vehicle templates – We are working with the leading vehicle template suppliers to bring direct access to their vehicle database for Enterprise members of Wrap Shop.

Future additions coming to Wrap Shop in 2017

The future of Wrap Shop is bright, with big development projects on-going to bring the most effective solutions to our subscription partners. Your Wrap Shop only gets better from here. Take a look at what we have in store for the rest of 2017 for our car wrap booking system.

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Only the best suppliers, materials and brands

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