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The ultimate way to protect the paintwork on your vehicle using Xpel DIY PPF kits

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Protect your car, motorbike and helmet, help them hold their value and keep them looking like new for longer thanks to the wonders of car paint protection film.

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We stock a huge range of PPF kits for cars, motorbikes and helmets. We have the biggest collection of self healing paint protection kits in the world, all available to order online and apply to your vehicles with DIY application in minutes. Explore each range by type and search for your brand. We explain more about each category below.

Car PPF kits

We all wish our cars could stay in perfect condition forever. Our love for them is the reason we look back while we walk away, just to check it still looks as good as we know it does. But everyday the paintwork is subjected to the elements, at risk of permanent damage like stone chips and or a dreaded scratch. Thankfully the clever people over at Xpel have created a range of films to protect your car with Xpel Ultimate the perfect day to day shield between your expensive paintwork and those pesky stones.

Car PPF is applied as a computer cut kit, ensuring perfect accuracy for any vehicle and preventing any highly risky film cutting near your paintwork. Trust us, this is not how to install paint protection, choose PPF kits every time. The film will last many years and even has self healing properties that when exposed to heat or direct sunlight, sees marks in the film disappear.

Motorcycle PPF kits

Motorcycle PPF kits have been our primary product for the past few years, hugely popular with bike enthusiasts and daily riders who want to protect their pride and joy. Motorbikes are particularly vulnerable around the tank area with your own leathers and kit being in almost constant contact. The most effective way of protecting the paintwork here is with a Tank kit from 3Dom Wraps. Each tank kit is specifically designed to fit each bike model and is cut from the amazing Xpel Ultimate product.

The rest of the bike is also fairly exposed to stone chips and minor abrasions when riding or storing and for this, a full PPF kit is recommended. Our kits are available for almost any bike and cover the most vulnerable areas of the bike as assessed by the templating technicians. If you are concerned about what areas of the bike are covered, you needn’t be, trust in the kit to do what it can to protect your bike.

Helmet PPF kits

Helmet PPF kits are still relatively unknown in the motorcycling community, although we have been a part of manufacturing them for some time. Your helmet is the most essential part of your kit when biking and many of you take great pride in the style and quality of the helmets that you wear. Helmet PPF adds an extra layer of protection to the surface finish of your helmet in the most exposed areas to stone chips or to knocks and bumps whilst carrying and storing the helmet.

What is Xpel Paint Protection film?

Xpel Ultimate car PPF film is one of the best products on the market, with international testing confirming it is the strongest, longest lasting and clearest protection available, with the incredible self healing properties. Xpel film is now used by some of the best detailers in the world on some of the most expensive vehicles on the planet. Choose from both high gloss and matte (Stealth) finishes, enhancing the finish on your vehicle and it will not start to colour with age.

Xpel also protect from damaging UV rays, preventing paint fading below.

Using a high quality PPF like Xpel, not only protects from the usual minor abrasions and stone chips, but it also protects from the sun and the damaging UV rays that can sap the colour from your paint.

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Free shipping across the UK. International shipping starts from £9.

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Car PPF Kits

We are constantly updating our catalogue of car kits, with the latest ones available here.

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Find out more about paint protection film and how it works. We explore the benefits, the installation processes and qualities of the films.

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