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Car Paint Protection Kits

As our vehicles become more expensive, we keep them for longer and care for them better and the exterior paintwork cannot be better looked after than having car paint protection kits applied to the most vulnerable areas of the car. We have be supplying PPF kits to the motorcycle market for the past 2 years but we are now able to offer the incredible Xpel products to the automotive market in the form of paint protection kits. More

Car paint protection kits – why?

Your car paint is sensitive to the elements and it is exposed to some costly damage on a daily basis. We’ve all felt the heart sinking moment when a stone hits the front of the car and the resulting paint chip is something we just put up with or get repaired with a rather high price tag. PPF is like an armour, a body shield that is like a car’s stone chip vest to a soldier’s bullet proof one.

Anyone who has had any paint repairs done on their car knows it is not a cheap process and not one they want to have to repeat to often, but if they don’t, the value of their car is at severe risk of reducing dramatically come sale time. Paint protection film comes at a financial cost, but one that is easily justified when other costs are considered.

How do car paint protection kits work?

Each it is computer generated, using the actual cars make and model to create template files that are 100% accurate for each model that we supply. These templates are fed to computer controlled plotters that cut the Xpel PPF into the perfect template, which we then send on to you to fit on your pride and joy.

Most car paint protection kits are applied by trained professionals at specially created units, but not all kits require this level of application and can be done as part of a DIY process.

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