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Britemax Resto Max Paint Correction




Using Britemax Resto Max will rapidly and efficiently remove surface problems from paint, gel coat, plastic or Lexan, a paint correction product. It is highly effective in clearing away medium oxidations, hard water spots, acid rain marks, bird excretion stains and does so in a safe way without causing any damage. Read More
It also removes the “ghosting” effect of decal removal as a paint correction product.With it’s non-silicon lubricant formulation, it helps the effectiveness of the micro abrasives, resulting in a smooth surface. It may be easily used by hand and does not load up on buffing pads. Britemax Resto Max is silicon free, which makes it body shop safe.

How to use Britemax Resto Max Paint Correction

How to Use – By hand, pads: Before applying make sure you shake well. Thoroughly inspect, clean and dry all surfaces. Using a wool or foam medium cutting pad, apply a small portion of the product on the selected surface and spread evenly with the face of the buffer pad. Initiate buffing with a firm, constant force and reduce pressure little by little. Continue this process until the residue is eliminated and the desired finish is acquired, removing any residue utilizing a soft clean cloth. By hand, cloth: Before applying make sure you shake well. Using a polishing cloth, apply a small portion of the product on the selected surface. Proceed to rub in a circular motion. Wipe off residue with a separate soft, clean cloth. Store the product at room temperature. If freezing occurs, the product must be fully thawed before application.

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473ml, 3.78L


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