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Be one of the first owners of these stunning car mats and boot liners, straight from the US with FREE SHIPPING.
There is no reason to be driving around in a standard model of your beloved car, it should suit you, your style and make every second you spend in it a joy. If you get home and you cannot get out of your car, then you know it’s perfect. Add Manicci car mats and you will feel right at home on every journey. More

Unless you own a hypercar, which most of don’t, then it is likely the inside of your car is the same as the day you bought it and the same as every other owner of the same vehicle – that’s just not right to us at 3Dom Wraps as we LOVE car customisation. Never before has it been possible to bring so much style into your car with car mats and boot liners, but Manicci from the US have made this a reality and now anyone’s car can feel completely unique.

Manicci car mats are new to the UK & Europe with 3Dom Wraps
Each car mat and boot liner product is custom made per order, making every product feel special and although this is reflected in a 30 day lead time, what you receive is well worth the wait, especially considering the FREE DELIVERY.

Cars from around the globe are laser scanned (technology used in F1 and by Google with their self driving cars) to create a highly accurate 3D model of the foot wells throughout the car for both driver and all passengers seats. Manicci then create the perfect car mat template that will fit so well, it is like upholstery rather than your average ‘car mats’ from high street retailers. Finally each product is computer cut to ensure the perfect finish with the highest of accuracy. This sort of manufacturing is often not seen in the most advanced car customisation and upholstery shops around the world, let alone for an off the shelf product with an affordable price tag.

The mats and liners are faux leather, making them easy to clean, easy to keep clean and more robust than leather allowing them to take whatever your shoes and boots can throw at them. Not only do these car mats and boot liners blow all competition out of the water and look incredible in any car, they also protect the surfaces below, much like our beloved car wrapping, which helps your vehicle retain its value for longer and makes car cleaning a breeze by simply removing the mats for a shake off and wipe down.

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