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Ducati paint protection kits

Ducati PPF kits are our most popular,with bikers around the world wanting to add that extra layer of protection to their beloved Ducati motorbike. We grow our range of kits as soon as we can once Ducati launch a new model, although this often requires time with a dealer to template the bike accurately. Each Ducati paint protection kit is carefully templated by skilled technicians to ensure 100% fit accuracy and to cover the most vulnerable areas of the bike to protect against your own kit, wear and tear and even stone chips.

We are never out of stock of a kit, with each one cut to order and going through a manual hands on process to weed out the surrounding film from the cut pieces. Not only will you get a great kit but the extra eye for detail will ensure it is all in order. This may lead to a small delay between ordering and dispatch, but this is softened with the added bonus of free UK delivery and international deliveries.

Ducati Xpel Kits

We chose to work with Xpel Ultimate film for our full range of motorcycle paint protection kits after speaking with many professional PPF installers around the UK. Their additional knowledge sees them recommend Xpel time and again for its self healing properties, its superior film quality and it exceptional customer care.

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