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All our Benelli paint protection kits come with FREE UK delivery

Benelli paint protection kits

Looking to get some extra protection for your Benelli motorcycle? We stock kits across all major bike manufacturers, including Benelli. Each Benelli paint protection kit is hand templated by skilled technicians before being created as digital files to be stored on our database of templates. More

We cut every kit to order, meaning we are never out of stock and you will always be able to get hold of a Benelli PPF kit.

Due to the hands on nature of getting a clear bra kit cut, there can be a small delay in delivery but if you are in the UK there is the added advantage of free delivery on all our Xpel paint protection kits.

Benelli Xpel PPF Kits


We have only recently began to work with Xpel kits but made the change due to the market leading properties of the film and it’s superior film quality. Our technicians are trained Xpel PPF installers in the UK and are also skilled vehicle templaters. 

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