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Harley Davidson paint protection kits

If you own a Harley Davidson is more likely to be your pride and joy than a simple every day ride to work, which means it deserves the care and attention required to keep it in tip top shape all year round, whether it is being ridden or not. More

Our range of Harley Davidson paint protection kits cover all major models, with new bikes templated as soon as we can get access through a dealer or a customer bike. Templating creates the perfect clear bra skin for your bike, covering most exposed areas and protecting against UV, wear and tear and even stone chips.

We don’t hold stock of any kit, each one is cut to order from Xpel Ultimate film using our computer controlled plotter to ensure 100% accuracy for every kit, with our technicians being hands on with every product, you can be sure you are receiving the best quality on the market.

Harley Davidson Xpel Kits

Choosing Xpel as the PPF of choice for our kits was an easy decision after discussing with our professional paint protection installers. The superior film quality, fantastic material properties such as self healing and the quality of the brand make it the marketing leading PPF and clear bra product available today.

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