Pixel Art Wall Stickers
Since the launch of 3Dom Wraps, we have always had plans to create wall vinyl artwork for our Shop and we are finally getting to make it a reality. Most of our art will be Motorsport inspired, what else, but following a weekend of classic gaming (Sensible soccer and Street fighter) on the Sega Mega drive, there was an instant urge to merge the two with some pixel art wall stickers of F1 drivers. We have spent a few hours in the office throwing some ideas around and have landed on some great little designs to complement our existing wall vinyl range. It is still early days, but we have quite a few ideas for these little guys, maybe even some animations of amusing situations from race weekends, past and present. Below is one of my modern day hero’s, on my wall in a beautifully classic pixel art wall stickers style. Ham.png To go with him we have also got the full f1 grid for 2014, ready to be made into wall vinyl and mini pixel art wall stickers for phones, cases and laptops. Motorsport, vinyl and 8 bit pixel art, who wouldn’t want some of this!? Next up, the one and only, the hero of hero’s and an icon that, even with only a few pixels, can be spotted by all fans. You wouldn’t get me away from that shelf… Sen.png As soon as have these available on our store we will let you all know, for now, it’s time to get creative with them and make awesome things happen.

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