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Why install paint protection film on your vehicle?

Vehicle paint protection film can be applied to almost any painted finish, as long as it has a suitable finish to allow the films adhesive to bond to its surface. Popular applications of PPF are car paint protection kits, motorcycle paint protection kits, helmet PPF and even boat paint protection installations.

There are various products on the market, each with their own technical capabilities and pros and cons, with different installation professionals choosing different products based on what best suits their techniques and clients. Our directory of installation specialists include those accredited by a wide range of PPF manufacturers, so do discuss your requirements with your service professional.

Protect your investment

Our cars depreciate faster than anyone would like, so to try and prevent additional financial loses on your vehicle, it makes sense to look after it in the best ways possible. Xpel Ultimate PPF will protect your paintwork and your investment.

Self healing technology

All major paint protection products now feature self healing properties that allow the vinyl to absorb minor scratches and imperfections, usually activated under some heat either from the sun or applied manually if required.

Invisible protection

Unbelievable protection whilst being completely invisible, paint protection vinyl doesn’t have to alter the appearance of your car in any way. The film is totally clear, with a paint style clear coat to finish.

Change style of car

Still new to the market, stealth car paint protection film from Xpel gives a stunning satin finish to your existing paintwork, allowing you to change any colour of car into a completely different material finish.

Stone chip protection

Car paint is always at risk of damage being exposed to the elements, but the infuriating and costly damage from stone chips do not need to be such a problem. Using paint protecting film in the most vulnerable areas can save your paint.

Protection against contaminants

Bird droppings, tree sap and salt are often the cause of significant bodywork damage, among many other contaminants, but this needn’t be an issue. Along with a paint protection detail, PPF will provide lasting contaminant protection.

Clear coat, a paint like finish

When applied, PPF is not only invisible, it also behaves and can be treated, like your existing paintwork. An effective clear coat will give a high gloss finish and can be polished, coated and treated with traditional car detailing techniques.

Long Warranties

With many years of development and investment, paint protection films are highly advanced and come with long warranties as a result. In order for the manufacturer warranty to be valid, the film should be installed by a qualified professional.

Headlight Protection Kits

Headlight glass is expensive, until one is damaged we often take that for granted, which is where headlight protection kits come in handy. Exposed at the front of your car, they are prone to stone chips, whilst often hit regularly by road debris, salt and dust.

Applying headlamp protection film will protect again most of this damage and reduce the needs for headlight restoration services being needed in the future. You can even apply tinted headlight film to add a bit of extra style to the car.
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Windscreen Protection

Windscreens can often get chipped, resulting in some costly repairs or potentially a replacement screen. On high end vehicles and super cars, this can an enormous cost.

There are now vinyl products in the protection film market that are specifically created to protect your windscreen from chip and crack damage, whilst adding significant strength to the glass in the case of a crash or screen shatter. We support the leading product from Bray.
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Paint Protection Guides and Resources

Our blog is full of information around car wrapping and car paint protection film and services, helping out customers understand the industry before connecting with our directory of highly skilled technicians around the world.

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