Windscreen Protection Film

Your windscreen is exposed to hazards and elements that can lead to cracks and scratches. These unique films can protect your glass and save significant costs

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Windscreen Protection Film

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How does windscreen protection film work?

A completely clear and extremely tough vinyl film is applied to the exterior of your windscreen by a trained technician. This film will protect your expensive windscreen glass against road debris and stone chips that can be costly to repair, whilst providing amazing protection against head and cold that can also cause cracks.

What are the features of windscreen protection?

The features are simple but highly effective, providing customers with a quality product, service and long lasting windscreen protectionfilm that will save car owners money in the long run. Including brands such as Bray Windshield Protection & ClearPlex.

Completely Invisible

Once applied, it will be impossible to know that the windscreen has a protection film applied. It has complete optical clarity, meaning it will not affect the visibility for the driver in anyway. The only change is a stronger windscreen.

It's Thin

There is no chance of the film changing the optical affects of your windscreen or add much weight to a high performance car due to the fact it is so thin, in fact it is only 0.0045 of an inch.


Glass has great scratch resistant properties but at the end of the day, it can still be damaged by scratches. Windscreen protection film is tougher than glass and more resistant to scratches.

It Stays Put

Power washers, heat, cold and even steam are not going to cause the film to lift or damage. Once it is applied, it is there to stay, until you want it removed or until it needs to be upgraded depending on its condition.

Replacing Protection

Once the film needs to be removed or replaced it can be easily removed by using the right techniques. Once one corner is lifted using a sharp instrument, the film will peel back with constant pressure revealing your perfect windscreen below.

Any Vehicle

Windshield protection film can be used on any vehicle glass or windscreen and is perfectly suited to high end cars, super cars, fleet vehicles, vans, haulage, motorsport and everyday cars.


This may depend on your installation specialist and brand of windscreen protector vinyl being used. We know that ClearPlex offer an 18 month / 18,000 miles warranty.

Fast Installation

As each installation technician is trained with the windshield protection coverage to a high standard, the application process is quick and painless for the customer. Speak with your professional when requesting a quote through 3Dom Wraps for more details on the exact timings.

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