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Showcasing some of the best Bentley wraps in the world

White Bentley Continental GT Gloss Car Wrap

What a high class car wrap by Wrap Kings again. You can tell each panel has been vinyl wrapped with care and this wrap is built to last. Again when going white, it is not always clear it is a wrap, but it looks fantastic all the same.

Work by Wrap Kings

Black Bentley Continental GT Matte Car Wraps

Compare this to the above, and you have two very different Bentley’s! This looks like an absolute monster with a matte black car wrap. Insanely hard looking. The light barely makes it off the body work, its almost like it is absorbing light for its plan of world domination, matte black car wraps killing it again.

Bentley Flying Spur Matte Metallic Car Vinyl Wrap

Classy. Not the most beautiful Bentley we have ever seen, or even on this list, those enormous wheels maybe not sitting right but it has a great finish. The Matte metallic finish is becoming more and more popular in vehicle wrapping and we are seeing it come up a lot in our blog.

Work by Wrapfolio

Bentley Continental GT V8 Pearl Vinyl Car Wrapping

Hard to look past the image and composition here, but wow. In the first image you can just about make out the unique way this car wrap is reflecting the light. it’s not matte or sating or matte chrome, but it is Pearl. The example in the second image shows of much better how awesome the Pearl finish is as a car wrap.

Work by Pro Vinyl

Bentley Continental GT V8 Chrome Wrap

Bling! This is one for the Arabian desert. Chrome doesn’t just have to be mirror looking, stick a gorgeous colour with it and you have a pretty amazing example of car wrapping. Just imagine this driving around the baking hot desert roads, sun low in the sky, it’s just perfect for its location. Great work for Pro Foil.

Work by Pro Foil

Bentley Continental GT V8 Matte Chrome Vehicle Wrap

Another desert king, this time matte chrome car wraps. They certainly know how to treat their cars out there. Not only to these vinyl wraps look incredible, they are going to be a form or paint protection, blocking out UV rays and preventing damage from the harsh sand and stone chips.

Work by Pro Foil

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Making sure you order the right wrap for your Bentley model is essential to get the best result. 3Dom Wraps is very proud to have an incredible selection of the best wrappers in the world offering the best results for your Bentley. Check out all models our wrappers cover and use the wrap price calculator to get a close estimation of the wrap of your dreams.

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