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Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy wheel repairs cover a wide variety of damage correction, including corrosion, pothole damage, rim scuffs, kerbed alloys, scratches and peeling, along with many other issues you may face. The processes for each repair may be different, with different specialists also taking their own approach to get a quality finish for their customers. If your alloy is not severely damaged, it can likely be refurbished back to nearly new condition. Speak to our network of repair specialists to get the solution you need, with quotations directly through 3Dom Wraps.

Alloy painting
Powder coated alloys

Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

In order to refurbish a wheel with powder coating techniques, the wheels will need to be stripped back to the bear metal using either acid or bead blasting, this will allow the new finish to be applied in the most effective manner and remove the damaged coating. Each wheel is heated uniformly in ovens, before entering a spray booth for the powder coating to be applied, in any colour you choose. Using some sci fi wizardry, or a static charge, the powder is attracted to the alloy, clings to the surface and melts, before being returned to the oven to properly cure. Each wheel is then often treated with a lacquer to finish.

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair

Mobile alloy wheel repairs are possible, depending on the damage to the wheel and the process needed to get the job done properly. A specially equipped van will visit you at home or the office to carry out minor fixes or colour changes. Some damage may not be fixable by a mobile alloy repair specialist but they will likely advise you on the correct course of action for your wheels. Amazingly you can get colour changes done to your alloys with a mobile alloy wheel technician.

Alloy Directory

Alloy Wheel Rim Protection

Alloy rim protection products are a fantastic way to keep your alloys looking their best and preventing costly scuff damage. There are multiple colours available, making them a style option as well as offering highly effective protection. Bringing a bit of colour into your alloys is a awesome customisation option, both subtle and different.


Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting

Diamond cutting is an extremely desirable finish on high end alloys and is a specialist process to achieve such a stunning result. It is often combined with a painted finish, allowing for complex results that look almost impossible to achieve in other ways. Diamond cutting is not something can be carried out on too may occasions as each time it is done, more of the alloy is actually being removed. Speak to any of our professional alloy wheel technicians through our directory.

Alloy wheel repair

Alloy Wheel Scuff Repairs

Scuffing your perfect alloys is a painful experience and one that is sure to ruin your day. Many of us carry on and leave the damage and even fewer of us look at ways of avoiding this in the future. It is more affordable than you may think to repair scuffed alloy wheels and it is even cheaper to apply products like Alloy Gators to protect your wheels for the long term. You can even add some colour…

What wheel colours look best?

We love car customisation so we are often exploring what can be done with car wraps and alloy wheels, what colours and finishes got together and what looks can be achieved. We have created a small collection of options below to see what comes out well and what doesn’t.

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Colour Change Blog

We often write about alloy wheels and the services available for them, from detailing through to how to protect your alloys, these resources are available at all times for you to use and get help from.

Alloy Wheels Services FAQ

With a large amount of information on alloy wheel repair and alloy powder coating services, it is likely you have some questions of your own. The best way to get the solution you need is to talk directly with our network of alloy wheel specialists when requesting a quote for your wheels. You can also check out our FAQ’s below.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

In most cases the main difference between a mobile wheel refurbishment and taking your wheels to a specialist repair location is the type of repair and refurbishment that is required. A full refurb of an alloy wheel will often require sand blasting to remove previous paint and coatings, prior to the process continuing from there. This, in some cases, is not possible from a mobile alloy wheel specialist due to the equipment available in their transport vehicle.

Alloy Wheel Repair

A repair is different to a refurbishment and it can also cover a variety of different scenarios. For example kerb damage can be easily repaired whereas splitting, buckling or denting of an alloy wheel can take significant repairs to correct and in some cases this will not be possible.

This is where things start to get a little more complex but in reality, it is quite simple.

Alloy Cosmetic Repair

When you scuff your alloy on a kerb, it can be a heart wrenching feeling, but it can be repaired and this is considered a ‘cosmetic repair’. It will require some attention but the process can be carried out in a couple of hours in the back of high tech vans using mobile alloy wheel refurbishment services in your local area.

Wheel Refurbishment

A full wheel refurb is usually the process of stripping the existing coatings off the wheel, treating any damage such as scuffs like above and then bringing the wheel back to life with new powder coating finishes and even diamond cutting. These services are obviously more expensive than simple cosmetic repairs and are more often than not carried out on older cars and wheels.

Paint vs powder coating alloy wheels

As with any service that has multiple techniques and options, there are plus and minuses for both process, but we are going to provide the pros of powder coating alloy wheels to keep things nice and simple. The majority of professional wheel experts recommend powder coating over wheel painting.

The whole process is preferred from a service point of view, with product efficiency at almost 100% with no product wastage, no CO2 emissions to worry about, a coating double the thickness of paint and a more durable finish that will be tougher and longer lasting than paint.

The overall quality is higher and should be considered the better option compared to wheel painting.

A simple cosmetic repair can take around 3 hours per wheel with a mobile specialist. This can often be achieved a little quicker when not using a mobile service provider due to the increased resources available.

A full alloy refurbishment can take 4-5 hours, but again using the right service can speed this up and make it more cost effective as multiple wheels can be processed at the same time with things like sand blasting and powder coating.

Chrome alloys are more sensitive to general wear and tear and usually require treatment more often than your average alloy wheel. Luckily the answer is yes, you can re-chrome alloy wheels after a refurbishment and cosmetic repair. This can often be done by mobile alloy refurb services.

You won’t be limited by the colour options available to you should you wish to change the colour of your alloys or have them powder coated with their existing colour following a repair. Many alloy specialists can colour match to whatever colour already exists or to whatever colour you wish to change your wheels to.

Well powder coating can last many years when done correctly, long enough to outlast the vehicle if there was no such issues as wear and tear. If you look after your alloys with regular cleaning and use protection detailing products then you can extend the life of the powder coat considerably, but keep away from those kerbs at all costs.

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