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Best wrapping examples on one of the top supercar manufacturers in the world

silver McLaren MP4-12C Gloss Car Wrap

The McLaren MP4-12C is one of the best supercars around, and although the factory colours look good on it, putting an even more personal choice on it makes it that much more special a car. That is where vehicle wrapping comes in, any of the gloss, matte, metallic and chrome examples we have produced with our 3D app look great once applied.

Design by 3Dom Wraps

Blue McLaren MP4-12C Matte Car Wrapping

Following the previous model we have covered this Mclaren MP4 with a matte blue wrap. Looking great isn’t it?

Design by 3Dom Wraps

Orange McLaren MP4-12C Metallic Vinyl Wrapping
McLaren MP4-12C Satin Car Wrapping

Satin vinyl wraps are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices in the vehicle wrapping industry, and this example shows why. It makes any car look even more classy, while maintaining and adding to the racing, hard edge the car presents in itself.

Work by Exclusive Wraps

McLaren MP4-12C,Chrome Car Wrap

One of the most exclusive cars with one of the most exclusive wrap materials. A chrome wrap always looks great on any car but on this McLaren is even better.

Design by 3Dom Wraps

McLaren MP4-12C Livery Design Car Wrap

We have looked at some of the most iconic racing liveries in some of our blogs, and so we know why people chose a graphic livery designed vinyl wrap. Because it looks as good on your everyday car as it did on your favourite race car.

McLaren Car Wrapping

Providing the most exclusive services for all McLaren models

McLaren is well known for its powerful and well-engineered supercars. We proud ourselves in recommending the best customisation services available for each car owner. But take special care with McLaren models and as well as other exclusive supercar cars due to the nature of their uniqueness and particularity. Find out how much will your perfect wrap cost for your McLaren model for free with our wrap price calculator.

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McLaren Customisation Services

Exclusive customization options for McLaren supercars

McLaren Customisation Services

Exclusive customization options for McLaren supercars

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