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No, 3Dom Wraps is here to help you find the best car customisation professionals possible in your local area. We have a wealth of information for you to use to help you make your car customisation decisions, before using our incredible directory to find what you need.

Absolutely not, in fact we negotiate with our suppliers on the behalf of our customers to ensure they offer the best deal they possibly can for anyone coming from 3Dom Wraps.

Of course. We work extremely hard to our Network of suppliers to help grow their businesses through our own product development and marketing activities. There are many amazingly talented car customisation professionals out there who are unable to showcase what they can do at an affordable price, we have completely changed that and made life easier for both our web users and our Network.

Yes you can. We are here to bring customers and skilled industry professionals together for the good of the car customisation market. Obviously we cannot do this for free or we will not drive a return on investment for our Network. Simply let the service provider know where you find them and they will be glad to hear 3Dom Wraps is continuing to help them grow.

No. Signing up simply gives you even greater functionality and allows you to interact with our car customisation community and track your calculator uses and quote requests so you can make better decisions about the service you are looking to buy. If you like to shop around and take your time on a decision like a car wrap, then 3Dom Wraps is absolutely the right place to do that and signing up may well benefit you in the long run. You will also be able to leave a great review for your service professional after the work has been complete, helping them win more work in the future.

We are sorry to hear that, so let’s look at what may be the problem. Firstly, you are waiting for a hard working and skilled professional to come back to you, so they may simply be too busy, could you wait a little longer? The best way to get noticed and get quicker responses is to ensure you filled in all the vital information we asked for at the quote stage. Including an image of your vehicle is a great start as is understanding the costs involved in the service you have requested.

Did you use our price calculator before requesting a quote? Our suppliers may have noticed that you marked the guide price provided as too expensive and this means they may not be able to help you. If you are still unable to see why you have not received a quote, please submit a support ticket and we will look to get a professional quote for you within 24 hours.

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