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OCD finish Clarity is a premium shampoo with a unique blend of ingredients and amazing scent.

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Erase Tar & Glue remover from OCD Finish has been custom developed to provide a powerful solution to tar and glue problems with paintwork and trim, allowing them to be washed off as part of your car cleaning and detailing process. Erase tar remover effectively cuts through the toughest of adhesives including oil, wax, grease and glue. Tar is a common problem with vehicles and Erase has reduced the problems car cleaners face when trying to remove tar. Apply to the affected area of the car by spraying on, leave to penetrate for a minute and then carefully, with a microfibre towel, remove the offending glue, tar or grease from the surface. Rinse off the vehicle and the towel to finish and ensure all residue of the tar remover has gone.

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