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Car Customisation Products
It’s no secret that at 3Dom Wraps we love car customisation products, from car detailing to luxury fitted car mats and PPF kits, we just can’t help looking for the best custom products for your cars.

Our automotive section contains the best products we have found for cars and vans, to keep them looking their best and taking them to new levels of car styling that makes you stand out everyday. More

What car customisation products do i need?
If you own a car, you need car detailing products. These range from caring for metal trim and wheels to restoring your paintwork and protecting your paint with the best waxes available. These products are a given for any car own so be sure to check out our range of brands to find ones that suit you. We stock brands with many years of experience to smaller unknown products that have exceptional qualities.We stock products that smell nice, some are cheaper products and some are known to be the best at certain jobs. It all depends what you are looking to achieve.
What products should i look for?
We love our luxury fitted car mats and boot liners from Manicci, these are simply awesome. Be sure to check these out if you want car customisation products for the inside of your car. Many people look at the outside of their car as their primary customsiation focus, but the interior is where you spend the most time so it should be styling and luxurious and make you never want to get out.
I want to protect my car
Look out for car paint protection kits, these are the most effectiv way of protecting the most exposed areas of your car against stone chips, light scratches and even UV rays. There are some fantastic car detailing products that also protect a cars paintwork but PPF certainly the toughest and longest lasting.

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