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Britemax Pro Max Car Scratch Removal




Britemax Pro Max is hard chemical compound designed for car scratch removal, while giving a high gloss finish. Because of it’s effectiveness in removing sand grit marks, it makes ideal for new paint or cured paints. The chemical composition of the product makes it highly efficient in car scratch removal. Read More
Britemax Pro Max also contains a lubricated, fast acting abrasive cut, which makes easy to use and extremely powerful in the removal of such scratches and grit. Being silicone free makes Pro Max body shop safe. The two stand out features of this product are its potency in attacking and removing deep scratches and leaving a beautiful gloss finish.

How to use Britemax Pro Max Car Scratch Removal

In order to apply Britemax Pro Max, a Britemax buffer pad will be necessary. Release a small amount of the product onto the selected surface and spread evenly. Initially, apply firm pressure to the pad and then apply with gradually less pressure. Concentrate application in areas where car scratch removal is desired and when it is necessary remove the residue, do so using a soft, clean cloth. Using a cloth, apply a small amount of the product and continue to rub in a circular motion to the desired area. With another cloth, remove the residue. The product must not be stored in areas of extreme temperatures. In the case of it becoming frozen, please allow it be completely thawed out.

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473ml, 3.78L


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