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3Dom Wraps has an ever growing interior detailing product range as we continue to expand on the detailing offering available on our store. Working with leading car care and detailing brands, including OCD Finish, Britemax and Croftgate, we are now able to offer market leading fabric conditioners, interior trim cleaners, car air fresheners and even leading fabic sealants with exception protection properties.

The interiors of our cars are where we spend most of our time and anyone who is in love with their car knows that having the inside in just as good of condition is the outside is key to keeping your pride and joy in tip top shape. Staying on top of the cleaning and keeping every part of your car interior in a spotless condition has additional benefits other than simply being a nice place to be, it will also help your car hold it’s value, so for every interior detailing product you buy and every hour you put in to the job, just think of it as an investment in your investment.

Take a look around at all of our interior detailing products and find the perfect companions for your car care needs from market leading brands.

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