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Britemax Final Shine Metal Polish




Britemax Final Shine is a metal polish, which is applied to bare metals, chrome and stainless steel, effectively ridding them of light oxidation and light to medium staining, resulting in an almost chrome like finish on many metals. Read More
The complex chemical formulation is specially composed to give not only a chrome like appearance, but also a protective resin polymer seal. This polish is designed to withstand the elements and give protection for months. Where Britemax Easy Cut is more cleaning focused, Britemax Final Shine metal polish provides hard protection. The product was created in order to withstand the harsh environmental elements like moisture, wash solvents, road grime, salt etc. The polishing process of Final Shine is very straightforward as it has a non-binding feel which is easy to use. For optimum results, It is highly important to allow Final Shine to dry completely before wiping off the residue . The outcome will show polished aluminium resembling chrome. What makes this amazing are it’s quickness and easiness to apply and use, and it’s impressive finish. Note: Final Shine must not be used on plated or anodized metals.

How to use Britemax Final Shine Metal Polish

Shake well before and throughout use. The bottom part of the container must be released of all solids. Rub small amounts of the product into a soft cloth and with light to medium pressure, rub it into the metal surface. If applying to metals such as aluminium, brass or cooper, rub until the product turns into a black colour. In the case of chrome or stainless steel, rub until the stains have disappeared. Allow the product dry to a grey colour and finally, using a dry cloth, remove all of the surface residue. Repeat the process until the surface shines brilliantly.

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118ml, 236ml, 473ml


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