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With this quality and popularity come some risks though. That’s not to say that paint protection films are bad, they just have some associated pros and cons that vehicle owners should know about, a little like car wrapping. You can also buy paint protection kits from our online store. We will take a look at the pros and cons of car paint protection films starting first with the cons:

PPF Cons

Price: Professional vehicle wraps can cost thousands of dollars and the installation facility usually requires a non-refundable deposit before they will begin the work. Wear and Tear: The vehicle owner has to remember that the PPF applied to their car is subjected to a lot of abuse. From road debris, weather and the sun’s damaging rays, most older paint protection films will begin to show wear after only two to three years which is also the point where they become more difficult to remove. The advantages here are that the new films are improving all the time and have a ‘self healing’ property. Paint Adhesion: Vinyl wraps in general will adhere better to factory paint jobs on cars that have had no major damage. If your car has been repainted or the finish hasn’t been taken care of, the vinyl wrap may not adhere well and will lead to wrinkling, lifting and bubbling.
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PPF Pros

Vehicle Exposure: Using your vehicle as a roaming advertisement means that you can reach 30 to 70K viewers every day you drive it. Compare that to television or radio ads, and it really factors well in your favor. It is essential that any exposed paint is protected when a vehicle is being used to market your company or before you know it, your rolling advert will be looking shabby and reflecting bad on your company. Long Lasting: Many of today’s quality PPF’s will net you 3 to 5 years of continuous use. Remember, you get what you pay for; if you choose a cheaper, substandard film, be prepared for it to not last very long at all. Always consider the manjor PPF brands, Ventureshield, Xpel, Suntek and Bodyfence. Protection: Paint protection film will help protect and preserve your vehicle’s finish from weather, the sun, or and road debris that would normally create chips in conventional paint, even bugs can cause damage. Easy Removal: The beauty of vinyl vehicle wraps is that, unlike paint, they can be removed by a professional installer leaving almost no trace of them ever being there. Want to sell your car with a perfect paint finish, then simply remove the film and your customer will be amazed at the condition of the bodywork. Those are the basic pros and cons of paint protection films, but what it all comes down to is personal preference and what your vehicle needs. A professional vinyl wrap installation company can cover your vehicle in various film products from the most established PPF brands. The choice is all yours. For more advice on the film types available to you, you can take a look at our Paint Protection Film blog.
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