How to install paint protection film

Use our guide on how to install paint protection film

At 3Dom Wraps, we stock a whole range of VentureShield PPF kits for motorcycles and helmets and we are also able to offer car, commercial and fleet vehicle solutions by accredited 3M installers. We have created this guide on how to install paint protection film kits from 3Dom Wraps.
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Your first stop should be this video, a great resource to help you install your tank or full VentureShield kit. This is a guide directly from 3M, the developers and manufactures of VentureShield paint protection.

Installation guide Outline

1. Clean surfaces, ideally with a degreaser. 2. Use the supplied 3M VentureShield diagram to identify all the film sections. 3. Spray the film with the fitting solution, whilst removing the backing. (Do not touch the adhesive side when dry, this will leave marks. Spray your fingers with the fitting solution before removing the backing). 4. Lay the film onto the bodywork and slide into position to match the diagram supplied. 5. Once happy with its location, spray with fitting solution so the squeegee will slide across it, before slowly using the squeegee to apply pressure and push out the air and moisture from below the film. For curved sections, apply some stretching force to get the contours of the bodywork and avoid creasing. 6. If you are unhappy with the position, remove and start again. 7. Continue working the film with the squeegee until all air bubbles are out and the edges are securely in place. (If any edges are not sticking down, apply some pressure with your thumb for a few seconds) 8. Finally, use a hair drier to slowly warm the film and ensure adhesion, especially on the edges. Your VentureShield kit is now installed and your vehicle can be treated as normal.

How To Install Paint Protection Film – Aftercare

Do be careful when cleaning, especially around the edges, to prevent lifting of the film. VentureShield is guaranteed for six years against yellowing, cracking, bubbling or peeling providing fitting is carried out to manufacturers’ specifications. This kit has been tested for fitting to the specified vehicle and every care has been taken to ensure ease of application, however should you experience any difficulty please contact your local distributor for assistance. As we have no control over the use of your vehicle we cannot guarantee against penetration of the film although we can guarantee that this product will greatly minimize the risk of damage caused by stone-chips, insect damage and minor abrasions etc.  

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