So you want to sell your car, and you want to get it done quickly. We get it. Who has time to mess about when you’re in need of cash or are wanting to buy something new to meet your current needs?

Before you get to selling, you need to know what your car is worth. You can find out in minutes on Motorway, the comparison site for selling your car. Head for to compare used car valuations by simply entering your reg.


  1. Get it done quickly with an online buying service

Online car buying sites are growing in popularity thanks to their promise of a pain-free, fast sale.

All you need to do is give them some info on your vehicle, its condition and age and you’ll get an instant price online. Happy with the amount? Excellent. Complete the sale by taking the car to a local drop-off point or have a company rep come and collect it.

There are some out there that charge no fees, so be sure to compare car buyers wisely.


  1. Stick it on Gumtree for free

Because of its millions of monthly visitors, Gumtree can make for a great option when it comes to selling your car. With so many people visiting the site, you’ve got a better chance of finding a buyer.

Be mindful that Gumtree could end up taking up a fair amount of your time. Potential buyers may want to drop by just to take a look at the car. But if you know its value and manage to create a catchy ad, you should find your car off your hands in no time. Motorway have some great tips on how to make the most of your ad.

There are also other options to sell your car for free, so be sure to explore them all!


  1. Sell it with a classified ad

The chances are that a classified ad will give you the best return. But is it worth the hassle? The stats say yes. And you could earn between 20-30% more than simply trading your car in.

If you choose a big name like Auto Trader or you should find a buyer, no problem. They’ll give you access to a wide and varied audience throughout the country.


  1. Sell to a local dealer or specialist

Dealerships are still some of the best places to sell or trade-in. Find a retailer that specialises in cars like the one you’re trying to sell – if you’re trying to sell your BMW, or even Lamborghini, head to your local BMW dealership.

Do your research before heading out. These guys will be after a good price, so you’ll need to know what your car is worth. If they offer you a figure you’re happy with, you’ll want to seal the deal there and then. It may not be possible to return and haggle the same price. Take all of your documents with you so you can complete the sale then and there.


  1. Sell for scrap

If your motor isn’t worth reselling, then scrapping could be the best option. You’ll get a cash return based on the weight and desirability of your car (a Ford KA won’t be worth as much as a Land Rover, for example).

Take a look at all your scrap options to see what your car might be worth in terms of scrap value. And don’t forget that lots of car companies out there now offer scrappage schemes. Find out more about these schemes in Motorway’s car scrappage schemes guide.




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