Street racing cars are vehicles that are legal to drive on streets, but have been modified to improve performance. Car owners who modify their vehicles to improve performance test out their cars on legal racing courses, like the auto cross or the quarter-mile track. 

But, here’s the big question: “How do you convert a boring street car into one exciting race car?”  Check out some tips below.

Install A Car Racing Seat

A seat that’s designed for racing is a piece of equipment that you need to buy if you want to get into car racing. It’s made from some plastic materials and can be found at any car accessories store. You can buy a good-quality car racing seat at a very cheap price. Most of them are made from polystyrene material and are very lightweight. They’re also very durable and are made to last for a long time. Furthermore, most of these seats come with padding for comfort.

Make sure that you purchase this piece of equipment if you’re looking to convert a boring street car into a race car. You should take into account your needs and make sure that you get one that will fit your body size. These seats are available in different shapes and sizes. The most common is the standard car racing seat, which has a backrest and padded insole. There’s also a racer style chair that comes with a footrest and headrest.

Increase The Air Flow In Your Car

The air flow of a car has an important role to play in keeping your car’s engine clean and running smoothly. If the air filter of the car is clogged, then, the engine won’t get the proper airflow it needs, which will result in poor performance.

The most important thing a person can do to improve the performance of their car’s air flow is to change the air filter. Changing out your air filter can improve the performance of your car’s air flow by about 10%, as well as increase the life of the filter. In addition, changing out the air filter of your car will also help your vehicle get better gas mileage. This can be a huge bonus if you own a car that runs on gas. The more fuel your car burns, the less pollution it will create, which is something that everyone is looking to do.

Upgrade The Stock Suspension Of Your Car

There are three parts that make up the suspension system, namely the strut bars, the shock absorber springs, and the sway bar.

The suspension system, when placed together properly, would provide comfort and stability to the car’s occupants. That’s why supercars have some of the best suspension systems in the world. However, when these components are out of order, it would be difficult for the occupants to move smoothly and comfortably in their cars. Hence, a car owner who wants to transform their vehicle into a racing car should try to keep the stock suspension system in good shape at all times so that the car wouldn’t experience any jarring as time passes by.

When the vehicle is running, the steering wheel and the pedals may not slip when there’s an increase in the engine’s torque, or there won’t be an abrupt increase in the weight of the car when you upgrade your car’s suspension system.

Switch To Performance Tires

The main difference between the different tires is the amount of speed they’re able to push. In other words, the faster the tires are able to go, the more traction they can have.

In general, when you go shopping for performance tires for your car, you should focus on the type of tire that you’d like. For instance, if you want a lightweight tire, then, you should look for a tire with lower treads. This will allow you to get more speed without a lot of traction. On the other hand, if you want to go faster and more efficient, then, you should choose a tire with bigger treads and more rubber. These will also help you achieve a better grip, which is very important in a high-performance car.


If you’re looking for some adventure and want to transform your boring car into a racing vehicle, the tips above will keep you on the right track. All you need is to choose the right racing car seat, increase the airflow in your vehicle, upgrade your street car’s stock suspension, and switch from stock to performance tires, and you can start testing your race driving skills on the street with friends in no time. Of course, make sure to avoid reckless driving when you’re using your newly transformed street racing car in public roads.


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