Your car is going to be one of the most expensive assets and investments you’re ever going to have. This is the reason why many car owners, especially car enthusiasts, are keen on doing modifications that enable them to pimp their ride. It’s more than just about making your car look better. Through modifications you do here and there, you turn a standard, mass-produced vehicle into one that’s uniquely yours.

Pimping your ride can range from minor changes, attachments, and improvements to bigger and more major re-works like a full auto detailing job. There’s no one best way to go about this process as the choice and result depend on what it is that you’d like to have for your car.

Before pimping your ride, be sure to consider these four things first:

  1. Consider Your Car’s Performance

An important facet of your car that can get affected by the car modifications is its performance. The last thing you want is for a smooth-performing car to have uneven tread or drive. For example, there are certain cars like low sedans where the recommended modifications are significantly less than those bigger and higher cars. If you lower the car excessively, the engine and other parts may be too close to the road itself that the likelihood of damage is higher.

If you already have an excellent low-car like a sedan or hatchback, you can focus on small modifications instead of the bigger ones. One of the best hatchbacks, for instance, is the Kia Cerato. Read through this Cerato review and you’ll better understand its already-inherent excellent performance.

  1. Take A Look At The Best Gadgets To Include

Once you go full-on with searching on the different ways you can pimp your ride, you’ll come across quite a number of options. There are many gadgets to install or have in your car that you may become overwhelmed at all of the possibilities. After all, you certainly can’t just install all of those gadgets in your car.

This is where the need to narrow down your options comes in. With that said, some of the best gadgets to consider installing when pimping your ride include:

  • Drive Car Google Assistant Device

With this gadget installed in your car, it’s like you have your personal assistant right in your passenger seat even when you’re driving on your own. You can check the weather, ask for navigation, and get updates—all hands-free.

  • Dashcam

With a dashcam, you’re able to record everything in hindsight on video. This is your protection when going on road trips. The dashcam can capture everything that happens in front of you, in quality images and videos.

  • Smart Car Security System

Car theft is still prevalent, and you can guard your auto with a smart car security system. This black box connects to your car’s system, disabling the ignition. More so, you can locate your vehicle even when you’re away from it and even remotely start it.

  1. Consider Your Car’s Warranty

Especially if what you have is a new car, double-check with the manufacturer first or the car dealership as to what the terms and conditions of the warranty are. Especially if you intend on doing a major modification in your car, you have to be ready for the possible consequence of your car’s warranty getting affected.

For instance, the manufacturer may no longer take care of the necessary repairs when the damage to your car is brought about by the modifications you’ve placed. This can happen when you replaced a fully functional part with a faulty one by not researching more on the quality and brand. To avoid this situation from happening, it’s best to ensure your car modifications are done by expert professionals.

  1. Assess The Potential Safety Hazards Of The Modifications

Before making any major alteration to your vehicle, you must make an overall assessment of the potential safety hazards brought about by your chosen car modifications. It’s never worth sacrificing the car’s safety all in the name of pimping it. For instance, there may have been changes in the cable positions when modifying your car’s audio. If your modifications are in the hands of experts, you can have that assurance of good quality.


With the list of considerations above, it’s easy to see now how different car owners have their respective reasons as to why they’d like to pimp their ride. Some want it to look better while there are also those who are after improving its functionality. While pimping your ride is always a great endeavor to take, there’s no denying how there are a lot of horror stories that stem from failed car modifications. To avoid those, it’s best to arm yourself with all the necessary information for a more successful project.


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