Essentially, vehicle wraps are adhesive-backed vinyl sheets available in various colours and finishes to customise your car. It’s easy to imagine celebrities driving through Miami in their latest sports cars like those that appear in online games such as Hotline Slot when you think of car wraps. However, they are affordable and a great way to change your vehicle without purchasing a new one. Here are some types of car wraps you will find.

Commercial Wraps

Commercial wraps can be complete or partial with printed graphics and information about the company that is useful for marketing purposes a great example would be Uber. As a result, the vehicle can be an ambassador for your brand and is a great marketing tool. An organisation looking to promote its business or products would benefit from having this type of vehicle wrap. When you drive this vehicle around town, you can take advantage of some low-cost advertising opportunities.

Full Wraps 

As the name suggests, a full wrap changes the colour and appearance of the entire vehicle. A full wrap is usually done using a solid colour and is much cheaper than a complete paint job. Additionally, some people wrap their cars to match the colour underneath because this helps protect them from scratches and minor bumps. If you change your mind, a full wrap can easily be undone, which is why they are so appealing. 

Carbon Fibre Wraps

Vinyl wraps are the most common vehicle wraps, but carbon fibre wraps are also available. Aside from being a different material, they give your car a matte grey-black finish and add texture. The advantage of using carbon fibre wraps is that they are solid and resistant to damage so they will last much longer. It may be tempting to wrap your car yourself to save money, but carbon fibre wraps are difficult to apply, so you should hire a professional. 

Chrome Wraps 

If you want this striking look, a chrome vehicle will definitely do the job such as the chrome Karma Justin Bieber used to own. However they do come at a hefty price, so a great alternative is to wrap your car. To apply this wrap is very difficult to get right, so be sure to get this done by a professional. In addition to looking great, chrome wraps reflect sunlight, preventing your car from absorbing too much heat on hot, sunny days. Despite their higher price, being protected from the sun is an excellent benefit of these wraps.

Calendared and Cast Vinyl 

As we have mentioned, most wraps come from vinyl, but there are two different types: Calendared and cast. Cast vinyl is a mould made with the desired colour or design printed onto it and tends to be solid and durable but more expensive. Calendared is made using heat and pressure and is not as durable as cast vinyl, but it is the most popular option because it’s much more budget-friendly. 


To determine which wrap is suitable for you, you must consider what you are looking for as well as the purpose of the wrap. You can choose a traditional full wrap if you want a change of colour without breaking the bank, but if you want to use it for marketing purposes, a commercial wrap may be better. Whatever you decide, it may be best to hire a professional since they can be challenging to apply.



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