Choosing the right clutch kit is as much about getting the right specs as it is about choosing a compatible product. Fortunately, the Internet makes it pretty simple to find what you need these days. You can search by product and manufacturer, or you can search specifically by the make and model of your vehicle to find both OEM and aftermarket performance clutch kits that will offer a perfect, or near-perfect fit.

Make sure that you have all of the pertinent information to begin your search. Typically, you can get away with just the make, model, and year of your vehicle. However, if you have details about the trim or engine, it could help further narrow your options and ensure that you get the best and most compatible clutches.

Take the time to find reputable parts dealers to work with. A dedicated clutch company is usually going to be your best bet. They’ll have the best selection of parts and the most detailed knowledge of clutches and clutch systems, including both factory and aftermarket parts and setups. You can probably find clutch kits at your local discount parts store, but they aren’t going to be the best ones on the market.

You can try doing a general search for clutch kits for your specific vehicle, but it’s usually best if you find a parts supplier first and then search with them. Their sites are integrated with search features that allow you to add your specific vehicle so that you are only shown compatible parts, saving the risk of buying the wrong part. Once you find the company and kits you like, you’ll be able to start narrowing down your options.

Think about what you want from your clutch upgrade. Some people have specific intentions, while others might just be seeking general improvements. It’s all about figuring out what you want, because finding compatible parts will probably be the easiest part of the process. Keep these things in mind and you’ll be on your way to the best clutch kits in no time at all.


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